Mini League Rules, Guidelines and Policies

AFL Juniors Laws

Please note the attached draft document of the AFL Juniors Laws of the Game for ages 5 to 12 years of age. This is a DRAFT only, released on the 14th of February, 2014 and, once finalised, will be updated.more

SFL Mini League Rules and Conditions


Under 8 rules and guidelines

The attached PDF file details the rules and guidelines in relation to the under 8 competition.more

Under 10 rules and guidelines

The attached PDF file details the rules and guidelines in relation to the under 10 competition.more

Under 12 rules and guidelines

The attached PDF file details the rules and guidelines in relation to the under 12 competition.more

Under 8, 10 and 12 rule differences

For the purposes of comparison, the attached matrix shows the essential differences in the rules between the under 8's, under 10's and under 12 competition.more

The role of the Mini League Club Co-ordinator

The Mini League Club co-ordinator has a vital role in the running of the mini league competition, but what are the roles and responsibilities of this important individual? The attached document provides these details clearly and concisely.more

The Mini League Coach

As every player will tell you, the role of the coach is pivotal for any club and in particular that of the mini league coach. Skills and attitudes taught in the early years will remain with the young player so the importance of getting it right in the formative years is vital. The attached details the expected behaviours of a mini league coach.more

Parent and Spectator Code of Behaviour

There is nothing like the enjoyment of watching your child playing football. Unfortunately, parent and spectator behaviour can spoil the childs enjoyment of the game. This is something our game does not need. As a parent or spectator there are expected behaviours which will only enhance your child's playing involvement. The following policy lists the expected behaviours.more

The role of the Runner in the Mini League Competition

The runner has specific roles and responsibilities which are detailed in the attached policy.more

The role of club administrators and club officials

As the figurehead of a club, the club official also has a role to play in the standards set in the mini league competition. Often, the club official sets the standard for others to follow. The attached policy is provided as a guide to the expected behaviours of club officials.more

The Player Code of Conduct

As recognised behaviours are expected from those off the field, so too are the players expected to show behaviours which set the standard for all players and the competition. The attached policy relates to expected player behaviours.more

Mini League Player Rotation Policy

The key word for players involved in Mini League teams is "participation". On that basis the S.F.L. has produced a rotation policy to cover the particip[ation of all players in the teams regardless of their age, size, sex, ability or the competition they are playing in. The policy is attached.more

Alcohol and Smoke Free Policy

There is absolutely no place for Alcohol within Junior sporting environments and the SFL also promotes Smoke Free Environments at football grounds around the League. Our Policy relating to these two issues is attached.more
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