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S.F.L. By-lawsmore


S.F.L. Official Handbookmore

Cybersafety Policy - Creating a cybersmart environment

Social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and YouTube can be a great way for clubs to provide information, promote their sport, their activities and successes.

As with off-line communities, some social media users can act anti-socially and show disrespect for their online community with little consideration of the social and potentially legal implications.more

The management of concussion in Australian Football

This document has been published by the AFL as a position statement on the management of concussion in Australian Football. It is based on guidelines developed by the AFL Medical Officers' Association which incorporate research that has been funded by the AFL Research Board. The guidelines should be adhered to at all times.more

The AFL anti-doping code

Club players and officials of any Australian Football Competition that is operated and managed under the laws of Australian Football are bound by the AFL Anti-Doping Code (Clause 21). So what does this mean for grass roots football Leagues and Clubs? The attached flyer, from the AFL, covers the issue.more

AFL Australian Football Player/Official De-Registration Policy

The AFL Deregistration Policy has been developed to provide a risk management
framework and policy basis for community football administrators to recognise a duty of
care with respect to players/officials who could pose an unacceptable risk to other
players/officials. The policy has been adopted by the Southern Football League. Click here to read the policy.more

Southern Football League Member Protection Policy

The Southern Football League has developed a member protection policy. The League expects member clubs to comply with the Policy and give the League its full support.more

Community Football League Forms

The following forms are to be downloaded direct from the Community Football League website, in line with our obligation to the League.
1. Player Contract Form.
2. Player transfer/clearance and registration form.
Both forms are available at http://www.sacommunityfootball.com.au/
Please click on "Administration" in the yellow tool bar and follow the links.more

S.F.L. Hot Weather Policy

The Southern Football League Hot Weather Policy has been adapted from the SANFL Hot Weather Policy and will assist Member Club’s volunteers, players, officials and spectators to undertake necessary action in cases of extreme hot weather. This is to prevent injury, and possible death, from heat illness by recognizing and managing potentially dangerous heat situations. The policy is attached.more

Community Football League Regulations

The Community Football League Regulations are updated as of June 2013. Also included at Appendix 4 of the Regulations is the Player Points System


National Police Clearance Check Form

This form, once completed, is required to be lodged at any local Police Station and is a pre-requisite for any volunteers who wish to become involved in Junior Football. The process has changed and now requires the form to be typed out prior to delivering to a Police Station. Click the link for more information.more

Umpires Review Form A

The attached form is the Umpires Review form for completion by team coaches and is an opportunity to provide feedback regarding the performance of the umpires in your game.more

Temporary Permit Form (Affiliated Leagues)

A temporary permit, normally for a situation involving a student returning home to a country location for school holidays, which allows the student to play in a different league whilst being registered with another. A permit normally covers a time frame of about 2 weeks.more

Player wanting to play up in a higher grade

***NEW FOR 2013***
This form is for the situation where a player wants to play in a higher grade or age group and basically covers issues of parental consent as well as an acknowledgement of variations to rules in higher grades, particularly at junior levels.more

Player wanting to play down - Medical or special circumstances

***NEW FOR 2013***
This form is for where a player wants to "play down" in a lower age group under SFL Constitution Regulation 2(ii). The form does not make the process automatic as each case is assessed on its own individual circumstances.more

Community Football Board Submission for Funding

If you wish to apply for funding to assist the cost of Coaching Courses, Sports Med Australia training courses, Junior Interleague carnivals and New Initiatives/Strategic Planning, complete your application on the attached form/s and submit by August 31.more

Match Steward Control Sheet

THis form is used by the Interchange Steward, and is kept to record player interchanges during a match.more

Reporting Notes for Umpires

A two page document for use by Match Umpires to assist in the preparation of a Match Day report, approved by the League Commissioners and the CSFLUP.more

Souther Trainers Association - Trainer Registration Form

Use this form for registration of your Club trainers with the Southern Trainers Association (S.T.A.). Ensure copies of your accreditation certificates are attached, if they have changed during the previous year. Contact the S.T.A. for the current membership fee.more
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