Registration: Registration is a COMPULSORY annual payment and lasts for 12 months from the date of payment. Please do not renew or take out another registration if you already have a CURRENT REGISTRATION WITH SAINTS.

Only register if your current registration has already expired and you are about to participate in one of our SAINTS competitions or, are registering for the first time and have been placed into a team and about to start playing.

Secondary / Affiliation Registration: If a member has a valid annual registration at association 1 when they go to join association 2, the registration form automatically shows the ‘secondary price’ instead of the normal association annual unbundled fee.

Member Profile: Members can now log on and access their profile details themselves

Members will be able to update their details such as phone numbers, address and will also be able to see their previous transactions and when their membership is due. 

Register Online Now: 2018 Player Registrations - Become a member or renew your SGBA registration

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