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With the competition season now underway, it is timely to remind all competing Associations and Clubs of the responsibility which their coaching personnel have to abide by the FFA Coaches Code of Ethics.

All coaches registered with Football NSW and engaged by Associations and Clubs for teams competing in Football NSW competitions are covered by the Coaches Code of Ethics.

Coaching staff who conduct themselves in a manner which breaches the Code of Ethics and who are subject to adverse reports by Football NSW Match Commissioners, Referees orOpposition Clubs will be required by appear before the General Purposes Tribunal of Football NSW.

Associations and Clubs are vicariously liable for the behavior demonstrated by their coaching staff. Misconduct by coaching personnel can be sanctioned in a variety of ways from a simple reprimand, to a bond, to a suspension or ultimately de-registration from the Football Federation Australia's Coach Licence Registration and National Coaching Accreditation Scheme.

For the benefit of everyone, we list below the Coaches Code of Ethics.

  • I will respect the rights, dignity and worth of all players and ensure that everyone is treated equallyI will ensure that the players are involved in a positive environment, and that the game is a positive and enjoyable experience.
  • I will respect all player's individuality and help them reach their own full potential. I will be fair, considerate and honest with all players.
  • I will be professional and accept responsibility for my actions and encourage players to demonstrate the same qualities.I will make a commitment to my team, and myself that I will continue to improve my own knowledge of the game through coach education and various training programs. I will coach my player's to play within the rules and in the spirit of the game of soccer (Football).
  • I will avoid any physical contact with the players and should it be required it would be appropriate to the situation and necessary for the player's skill development.I will refrain from any form of personal abuse towards my players. Also be aware to any form of abuse directed towards my players from other sources whilst they are in my care.
  • I will refrain from any form of harassment towards my players.
  • I will provide a safe environment for training and competition, by ensuring the equipment and facilities meet safety standards.
  • I will show concern and caution towards sick and injured players and allow for further participation in training and competition only when appropriate.
  • I will not engage in the use of crude, foul or abusive language that may be determined offensive or engage in any conduct detrimental to the image of the game when on or off the field.
  • I will refrain from arguing with the referee and/or assistant referees regarding decisions they make.
  • I will treat participants, officials and spectators with courtesy and respect.

This code is designed :

  1. To emphasise the elements of enjoyment and satisfaction to junior player's and coaches involved in soccer (football).
  2. To make adults including parents and coaches aware that young players play soccer (football) to satisfy themselves and not necessarily to satisfy adults or members of their own peer group.
  3. To improve the overall health and fitness of Australia's youth by encouraging participation in soccer (football) and making it attractive, safe and enjoyable for all to play.
  4. To remind administrator's, coaches, referees and parents that soccer must be administered, taught and provided, for the good of those young people who wish to play soccer, as ultimately "it is their game".


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: Thursday, March 12, 2009 No: 09 - 06 George Pashalis Coaches Code of Ethics

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