SADB Most Valuable Players

Each year at the SA Inter-Service Basketball Tournament the referees shall recommend a men's and women's Most Valuable Player. The OIC of SA Defence Basketball may invite the Tournament Special Guest to make presentation of the respective MVP trophies following the respective Grand-Finals. The MVP trophies are named in recognition of the inaugral men's and women's inductees into the SADB Hall of Fame.

Similarly at ADBA Combined National Championship, the respective SADB Coaches will select a men's and women's team MVP.


Year Justin Galbraith MVP Trophy           Shez Gormley MVP Trophy            
2018 Ben Wiencke (Inter-Service)  

Heather Rosenzweig (Inter-Service)

2016 Rob Cameron (Inter-Service) Flag of Australia.svg No women's comp (Inter-Service)  
2015 Jason Morton (Inter-Service Finals)
Nick Clancey (Inter-Service Rounds)
Flag of Australia.svg
Naval Ensign of Australia.svg
No women's comp (Inter-Service)  
2014 Tony Gibson (Inter-Service) Flag of Australia.svg    
2012 James Rowden (Combined) No women's team (Combined)  
2012 James Rowden (Inter-Service)  No women's comp (Inter-Service)  
2011 Nick Clancey (Combined) Naval Ensign of Australia.svg Kylie Guarino (Combined) Flag of Australia.svg
2011 Jason Morton (Inter-Service)
Nick Clancey (Inter-Service)
Flag of Australia.svg
Naval Ensign of Australia.svg
No women's comp (Inter-Service)  
2010 Anthony Portakiewicz (Inter-Service)
Flag of Australia.svg
Michelle Hiesley (Inter-Service)
2009 Tim Muehlberg (Combined)
Rebecca Brewer (Combined)
Naval Ensign of Australia.svg
2009 Laine Pearce (Inter-Service)
Sam Eichler (Inter-Service)

SADB Notice Board

ADFBA Championships
Fri 23 Nov to Sun 02 Dec 2018 
@ RAAF Edinburgh, SA 
POC Men SGT Matt Muller 
POC Women LACW Genelle Hellier > Join SADB

2018 Inter-Service Results

23-24 Aug 2018 @ RAAF Edinburgh, SA

Men: Army (EDN) def Air Force 32-26
Women: SA Blue def SA Red 3 games-0

Shez Gormley MVP Trophy - Heather Rosenzweig
Justin Galbraith MVP Trophy – Ben Wiencke

3-Point Shooting Champ
Charlotte Taylor


Team POCs

SGT Matt Muller

LACW Genelle Hellier