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Contact Name :
Gordonvale Touch Association Inc
Phone number :
0409 807 285
Postal Address :

P.O. Box 564 Gordonvale. 4865 Queensland

Competition draws and cancellations can be checked on the Gordonvale Touch Webpage or Facebook page. Competition draws are updated every Sunday night.

Decisions on cancellations are done at 5pm on the day of competition.

If you know your team is going to forfiet please ring 0409 807 285 by 5pm.


2016 Committee

Administrator: Leanne Clayfield 0409 807 285


Vice President : Leanne Coutts

Secretary :   Melissa Groves

Treasurer : Aimee Stampa

Assistant Treasurer : Jodie Auld

Referees Director :  Joe Lo Grande

Assistant Referees Director :   Krista Field

Publicity Officer : Annaliese Powell

Council Liaison Officer : Warren Powell

Junior Director : Kylie Smith

Coaches Director :

Patron: Alice Frazer






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