Life Members

Steve Whitfield

Player with NDTA since 1992

Referee since 1997

Committee Member since 2002

President since 2005

Administrator since 2006

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Kevin Piper (KP)

KP has been running with NDTA for over 20 years and was the club's first Treasurer.

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Lorraine Carnachan

Lorraine Carnachan more -->

Carolyn Cotter

Carolyn Cotter more -->

Garry Cullen

Garry Cullen more -->

Greg Hansen

Greg Hansen more -->

John Moore

John Moore more -->

Karamea Dorset

Karamea Dorset more -->

Keith Harris-Walker

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Kim Harris-Walker

Kim Harris-Walker more -->

Pete Earsman

Pete Earsman more -->

Nomination Form

If you know of a club member who is worthy of nomination for life membership, please contact the club administrator on who will provide you with a nomination form and the selection criteria. more -->

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