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Respect the Role. Respect the Person.

Most officials are volunteers who do it for the love of the game.

Officials deserve your respect and support.

Abusing an official won't change the outcome of the game.

Officials can see things you can't because they watch the game from a different angle.

Officials are not perfect; they do make mistakes, just like players.

Without officials there would be no game. more -->

Welcome to all the referees at NDTA

If you have any questions regarding your games at NDTA or you would like to referee a game please contact  the administrator at

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General Information

If you have any queries regarding the referee's or rule interpretation, please discuss these with any of the senior referees or the referee co-ordinator. However, please remember that during a game only team captains may respectfully enquire of the referee, matters of varying interpretation or causes of penalties. Any discussion is to be brief and polite and must not delay play. Other team members should not talk to the referee other than at half time.

To clarify some issues that have come up in the past:

* The dead ball line of each field at NDTA grounds is determined by the first obstruction appearing at the end of each field (i.e. the next field, cricket pitch, light pole, fence or extension of fence line, in the case of field 1). If a player enters the area past any of these obstructions in an attempt to score a touchdown, then it will be change of possession, five metres from the scoreline in a direct line from the point of entry over the dead ball area. This rule has been enforced for the safety of all players.

* Under ATA Rule 17 - Misconduct - in the event of misconduct the referee has the option to:

a. Warn the player

b. Ask the captain to substitute the player

c. Send a player from the field for any period of time that he/she see fit.

d. Send a player from the field for the duration of the game (if so, the player will automatically receive a two (playing) week suspension from playing at any TouchWest affiliated competition).

In addition to the above a player given three `period of time' dismissals over the season, will receive an automatic two game suspension. Should an incident or ongoing offences be referred from the Referee Co-ordinator to the Committee, an individual player or team could be asked to leave the competition and no refund of fees paid will be due to the player/team.

* All players must wear footwear. No metal spikes or studs are permitted. No jewellery is to be worn and fingernails must be cut short or taped.

* Under ATA Rule 11.6 when a defending team must advance on the score line. If the referee has asked you to "make the score line" and the attacking team are performing the rollball outside of the five metres, the defending team must keep advancing until a touch is imminent.

If the referee has asked you to `make the score line' and the attacking team are performing the rollball within the five metres the defending team does not have to advance.


* Roll ball outside the five - you must move out (and keep advancing)

* Roll ball inside the five - you can say in more -->

ATA Rules

The latest version of the Australian Touch Association (ATA) Rules can be found at

The latest version of the Rule Explanations and Interpretations can be found at

If you have any questions regarding an interpretation of the rules please don't hesitate to speak with a Referee Panel Member. more -->

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