Albany Committee

2015-16 Albany Touch Football Association Committee



President Hamish Fell
Vice President Richard Miller
Secretary Vacant  
Treasurer Lennon Swann
Ground Liaison Peter Sudran
General Committee Ross Baker
General Committee Mal Ellis
General Committee Tahryn Thompson
General Committee Julia Smith











For information on the roles and responsibilities for the Albany Touch Football Association Committee refer to the attached document. This can be used to assist new members considering taking on a committee role to understand what is involved.

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Albany Touch B grade
1 LunarTicks 23
2 Salts 23
3 ASHS Gold 23
4 The Originals 16
5 Loose Screws 16
6 Uno 15
7 GSG1 12
8 GSG2 11
9 Cheaper than a babysitter 11
10 ASHS Green 9