Club History

Demons Touch Football Association started off as Hope Valley Touch Football Club back in the Summer of 1995 when Bill Sheeky, who was associated with Hope Valley Demons Football Club, decided to start an Affiliated Competition at Hope Valley Sporting Club.

Bill Sheeky already had a successful Demons Touch Football Side Competing in the Botanics Affiliated Competition on Monday Nights from 1993, with all his children playing, Michael, Kellie and Scott, plus his wife Janet, as well as Footballers from the Senior Football Sides.

It was suggested back in 1993, by the then Chairperson of Hope Valley Sporting Club, that he should start his own Competition and the Sporting Club would support that endeavour but it took a couple of years for Bill to see the potential to establish a competition in the Northern Suburbs on an alternative night to the Monday Night Competition before he decided to proceed with it.

In 1995, Bill Sheeky was the State U18 Coach with two of his children, Michael and Kellie, representing their State and this was the catalyst, as he saw that this was the right time to make it happen, as it was a sport all his family was involved in, so in the Summer of 1995 Hope Valley Touch Football Competition Commenced.

Several State Players played in the teams that competed in that first Summer Competition with Michael Sheeky’s team “The Housemen” looking the goods to take out the inaugural Division 1 Premiership with a very young and quick State Representative Team. However, Bill had his own Demons Touch Football Team, sponsored by Café Buongiorno’s TTP, with some pretty experienced players playing in that team, Justin McInerny and Sharlean Stead, just to drop some names and the experienced paid off; Demons Touch Football Team won the prestigious inaugural Grand Final game against the much fancied Housemen in the last seconds of the game to take out the inaugural Premiership for what is now a competition that’s into its 22nd Summer Season, 21 years young!!

The Affiliate has experienced some great highs with Representative Teams doing really well at the Mt Gambier Challenges and Colley Reserve Competitions plus we have had several Representative Players and Officials involved at Regional, State and National Levels. We also currently have the Number 1 Women’s Referee in Australia, Amanda Sheeky, as our Referee Coordinator and Official Referee, who literally has grown up and developed in our Affiliate as have several of our players who have been involved from the start and have grown over the 21 years since it’s been established. Demons also started their own Juniors Competition which has now been running for 5 seasons.

Team Numbers have hit highs of 21 teams and we are currently running a 16 Team Summer and 12 Team Winter Competitions with the AFL 9’s having an impact on team numbers in recent years.

In the tail end of the 2014/15 Summer Season, February 2015, Hope Valley Touch Football Club relocated to Campbelltown Memorial Oval due to some internal politics within the then Hope Valley Sporting Club which Bill, was at the time, the Chairperson, but had decided to stand down from that position. This effectively meant he would have had to walk away from the Touch Football Competition he had created as well, but the then Committee decided unanimously to relocate the Competition so Bill could still be involved in the Club he created and we were very fortunate that Campbelltown Memorial Oval was available on Wednesday Nights and we were able to share the Playing Fields with the Monday Night Botanics Competition for the balance of that Summer Season.

This relocation was also the trigger for the Hope Valley Touch Football Club to stand alone as it no longer came under the Hope Valley Sporting Club umbrella so it become incorporated in 2015.

The change of name to Demons Touch Football Association, DTFA, was a year later when it was decided it needed to drop the Hope Valley From the name as it caused confusion as regards where games were played but to keep that tie with its past it was voted unanimously at the 2016 AGM to change its name to Demons Touch Football Association and a brand new Logo was created for our Competition.

The collaboration of the two Affiliates Botanics and Demons has worked out very well and hopefully will continue to grow such that Campbelltown Memorial Oval will be seen as the place to play Touch Football in the Eastern Suburbs.

Demons Touch Football Association Honour Board;


W Sheeky            1995 – 2017


J Sheeky              1995 – 2004

Vacant                 2004 – 2012

E Organ                2012 - 2017


J Sheeky               1995 - 1999

D Doz                   2000 - 2004

S Zbierski             2004 - 2006

S Vagenas            2006 – 2017

Admin Officer

S Zbierski             2003 – 2017

Referee Coordinator

W Sheeky            1995 – 2014

A Sheeky              2014 – 2017

Child Safety Officer

A Barnett             2012 – 2017

Demons Perpetual Sheild (Donated By Michael Gaskin in 1999)

1999/2000    Bill Sheeky

2000/2001    David Doz

2001/2002    Michael Gaskin

2002/2003    Raggies

2003/2004    Simon Zbierski

2004/2005    Maureen Lambert

2005/2006    N/A

2006/2007    Stella Vagenas

2007/2008    Michael Sheeky / Scott Sheeky

2008/2009    Alby Bartsch

2009/2010    Amanda Pacella

2010/2011    N/A

2011/2012    Jackie Thurgood

2012/2013    Alby Bartsch

2013/2014    Anthony Grandison

2014/2015    N/A

2015/2016   Barnett Family

2016/2017   Leah Dunlop & Peyton Fairbank

Touch Football South Australia Awards

2012                   Hope Valley Touch Football Club “Demons”       Affiliate of the Year

2012                   W Sheeky                      Administrator of the Year                         

2013                   A Sheeky                       Referee of the Year

2014                   S Vagenas                     Administrator of the Year

2014                   A Sheeky/H Fairfield         Kildare Reick Scholarship Winners

2015/16               A Sheeky                       Referee of the Year

2015/16               M Sheeky                      Volunteer of the Year


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