Membership & Declaration Forms

If your association does not utilise Touch Football Australia Online Registrations or members of your team have not registered online, you will need to complete the following Team & Participant Declaration Forms.

This is critically important as this protects you and the club in the event of injury or liability offering adequate indemnity for all parties. 

What form do i need to complete to be protected?

Team Registration Form
 - Team Contacts will need to complete this form & submit to the competition administrator on behalf of their team.

Participant Declaration Form - All participants are required to complete & sign this form and submit to the competition coordinator prior to participating.

***Note: If members have registered using online registrations they are not required to complete these forms.

Save time & paper and switch to online registrations today

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Primal Super League Mens
POS TEAM % Points
1 Lakers 86.67
2 Thunder 83.33
3 Spurs 70.00
4 Celtics 53.33
5 Cavs 40.00

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Primal Super League Womens
1 Thunder (W) 27
2 Warriors (W) 21
3 Spurs (W) 13
4 Cavs (W) 11

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