2017 Season

2017 Season Format

  • 24 Games in Total
  • comprised of
    • 4 Grading Games
    • 6  Competition Games
    • 12 Championship Games
    • 2 Finals

Fee Structure


  • $ 66 (inc GST) per team annual registration (Basketball Victoria Registration and Insurance) via on-line Credit Card payment

TEAM GAME SHEET - 3 Payment Options:

  1. Full Year: 24 games – bank transfer $1320 - transfer before Tuesday 21st February
  2. Half Yearly: Two Payment
    1. Payment 1 - $660 before Tuesday 21st February
    2. Payment 2 - $660 before Saturday 24th June 
  3. Weekly: Team Manager to pay the $55(inc GST) game sheet fee at the front table 15 minutes prior to the game. 


$2.00 Stadium entry for players, all school age spectators and adults 

Bank Account Details For paying Game Sheet Fees

  • Account Name:Port Phillip Basketball Association
  • Account Number: 143091536
  • BSB Number: 633-000
  • Reference : The name of your team


A team failing to play their game will be fined $60, payable before their next game. The Team that has arrived will have the option to leave the stadium and be refunded the $55.00 game sheet price, or stay & use court and referees with no refund. Adjustments will be made if you have paid your game sheet fees in advance.

This year we will provide a 10 minute window of opportunity. If a team is not on court and ready to play 10 minutes after the starting time, the game will be called a “Walkover” and penalties will apply.


  • Teams must have a minimum of 6 players to register
  • Teams are permitted a maximum of 10 players 
  • The name of the Saturday game coach is the name required on the Registration Form 
  • One coach on the day is allowed per team. If you have 2 coaches you need to work out a coaching structure. Only one person can be standing and giving instructions during the game.
  • Each team requires at least 2 adults at a game, eg. Coach and someone to score. Scoring needs to be shared throughout the team. Some teams create their own roster so that you know when it is your turn to score. Score bench assistance is available.
  • If a junior coach is under 16 they must have an adult on the coaching bench with them throughout the duration of the game. This adult is there to support the young person in carrying out their duties.

Change of Information

Notification must be sent to Rosemary via comp-admin@portphillipbasketball.com.au or via Game Sheet desk:

  1. A team has a change of Manager or Coach throughout the season.
  2. A player leaves a team throughout the season.
  3. A new player is joining the team.

Representative Players in a Team

  1.  Representative players must be identified on the registration information submitted
  2. We acknowledge that the ‘skill’ level of representative players varies. Individual team and player consultation will be undertaken before a team is graded
  3. Representative Players or Teams with 3 or more Representative Players may have a handicap imposed for games, for example: restriction on entry to the key; limit on scores for each half of the game; reduced time on court; 20 point catch up
  4. Rosemary, as Competition Administrator, is the contact person for issues relating to Representative Players in Saturday teams.


Contact Details

Competition Administrator: Rosemary Williamson
Email: comp-admin@portphillipbasketball.com.au
Phone: 0402 047 975