Competition Rules

Players and teams are expected to be aware of and comply with the competition rules at all times.


It is unacceptable behaviour to; abuse referees, officials or opposition players use audible obscenities persistently show dissent or dispute referees calls. Any team whose players or supporters are guilty of misbehaviour will be penalized. Penalties will include technical fouls and or exclusion from the stadium. Repeated offences will result in exclusion of the offending player or team from the competition. Any fighting or striking offences and threats of harm are regarded very seriously and will result in reports of players and exclusion of the team from the competition.

Ball Sizes

Beginners to Year 4 
      Size 5
Year 5 and Year 6
      Size 6
Year 7 and 8 Boys
      Size 7
Year 7 and 8 Girls       Size 6
Year 9 to Year 12 Girls       Size 6
Year 9 to Year 12 Boys       Size 7

Blood Rule

A player who is bleeding shall be immediately removed from the court. The wound must be covered before the player will be permitted back on the court. A player may not enter the court or remain on the court in a uniform with blood on it. A uniform change must happen if blood is on any part of the uniform. Washing off blood is not acceptable. A substitute uniform may be worn and no penalty applied


Access to a copy of the Association By-Laws and FIBA Basketball Rules are available on request to the Competition Manager.

Defence Retreat

This is a modified rule in which players must retreat to the key to allow the opposition to bring the ball down the court. This rule applies when a team is 10 points ahead for Primary School Divisions and 20 points ahead for Secondary School Divisions

Drawn Games

Each team gets 2 points for a drawn game during the season.
During finals different rules apply to avoid drawn games. These rules will be published on finals day.

Eligible and Ineligible players

To be eligible to play in a team, a player must fit the age requirements and/or school year level (grade) requirements of the competition division in which the team is playing. A player can only register to play in one team in any season.
The Competition Administrator and the Management Committee retain the right to place a player or a team in a grade appropriate to their standard of performance. Factors to be considered include physical or intellectual characteristics, level of experience and any other relevant circumstances.


Fingernails must be cut to a safe length prior to the start of a game. Players refusing to cut their nails when asked to do so by a referee are not permitted to take the court. Taped fingernails are acceptable if an approved tape for example Elastoplast Finger Tape is used.

Free Throw Line

Beginners through to Year 6 teams - Short Line

Years 7 through to Year 12 — Foul Line


All jewellery which, in the opinion of the referee, may cause harm to any player, including the wearer, must be removed or taped.

Jump Ball

A Jump Ball begins the game and then the game moves into alternate possession whenever a Jump Ball is called. This means that the referee looks at the alternate possession arrow on the score bench and the ball is awarded to the team whose turn it is according to the score bench directional arrow.

Late Start Penalties

If one team delays the beginning of a game ONE POINT per minute or part thereof, will be added on to the team sheet for the team that is ready to play. This adjustment is made by the referees at half time. If team is not on court and ready to play after 10 minutes a walkover is declared by the referee and the Venue Supervisor is informed.


Each team must supply a scorer throughout the game. Please ensure that scorers are familiar with the scoring rules and scoreboard/clock equipment. Failure to provide a scorer may result in a 5-point penalty.

Sin Bin

Any player receiving a TECHNICAL FOUL or UNSPORTSMANLIKE FOUL will result in the player being 'sin binned'.

  • This will cause the player to be out of the game for the next 5 minutes. The player may sit on the team bench during this time. The referee will measure the elapsed time from the scoreboard, and the player may return once the 5 minutes has elapsed.
  • A sin binned player may be replaced by a substitute if one exists. A second similar offence by the same player will result in the player being disqualified from the game.
  • If a player is sin binned in the last minute of the 1st half the time carries over into the 2"d half.
  • If a player is sin binned with 4 minutes left in the last half they are out for the remainder of the game

Time in Back Court

Beginners to Year 4— No time limit.

Years 5— 12 teams — 10 seconds

Time in Key

Beginners to Year 4 — No time limit.

Year 5 and Year 6 teams — 5 seconds.

Years 7— 12 teams —3 seconds

Timing rules

Throughout the season all teams are allowed two 60 second
time -outs each half. The clock will only stop:

  • on all time outs.
  • when the referee instructs the timekeeper to do so.

In our competition the clock does not stop at foul shots or in the last 2 minutes of the game.


A basketball uniform consists of a singlet with numbers, shorts and basketball footwear. There is no provision in the rules for shirts worn underneath the regular playing tops, long pants, shorts with pockets and unusual footwear such as leather soled street shoes. If a "T" shirt is worn under the team singlet it must be of the same dominant colour of the singlet.

Each team must have all players wearing:

  • basketball tops of the same colour;
  • shorts of the same colour (or generally consistent colour, eg navy blue and black are acceptable)
  • regulation basketball footwear

Teams are required nominate their uniform colours on the Team Registration Form.
Regulation Numbers:
Tops must be marked front and back with numbers chosen from this list: 4- 15; 20-25; 30-35; 40-45; 50-55.

Uniform Clash of Colour

It is the responsibility of the AWAY team (the second team name on the fixture) to change their singlets if there is a colour clash. If required, singlets can be hired from the front office.

Uniform Penalty

Each player out of uniform may incur a 2 point score sheet penalty for the team. Coaches and Managers are encouraged to ensure that all team members have the correct uniform. In unusual circumstances the Competition Administrator may allow variations in a team uniform as a temporary measure and no penalty will be incurred.

Walkover Fines

Teams giving walkovers will be required to pay a Walkover Fee. Teams giving 3 consecutive walkovers will be asked justify their further participation in the competition.
A maximum of 10 minutes will be allowed before a game is called as a "walkover". Teams who wish to use the court or play a "scratch match" with referees provided will not be given a refund. Teams who choose to leave the basketball hall and not use the facility be given a refund of their entrance and game fees

Contact Details

Competition Administrator: Rosemary Williamson
Phone: 0402 047 975