Games for Wednesday 24 Aug 2016

Games for Wednesday 24 Aug 2016 are off.more

Games for Tuesday 23 August 2016

Games for Tuesday 23 August are as follows:
Bozo's v Aussie Battlers
Numnuts v I Touch Myself
Tornadoes v Green Machine
Ring Ins v Playgirls
We are TRYING v Bye.more

2016 Spring Competition

New competition starting 23rd August. Start getting your teams together now.New concept competition.more

2015/6 AGM

Campbelltown Touch Association 2015/6 AGM to be held at Wests Leagues Club on Tuesday 26th July 2016 at 7.00pm.

Come along and have a say in the running of YOUR club.

Next competition starts on 16th August so get your team organised.more

2016 Ladies Vawdon Cup Squad

The squad in alphabetical order (by given name) is as follows:

Aimee Fitch
Anne-Marie O’Flynn
Ashleigh Maarseveen
Charlie O’Flynn
Claire Armstrong
Crystal Wood
Emily Musgrave
Emma Armstrong
Jennifer Maarseveen
Laura O’Flynn
Maxine Moroney
Michelle Edmonds
Nicole Homes
Petina Wong
Rachel Pearse
Sophie Petrou

Billy Mills & Sharnie Barabasmore

Bank Details

Bank Details for registration payments are as follows:
BSB 062-517
A/C 28004748
A/C Name Campbelltown Touch Association.more

Autumn Competition 2016

Captains Meeting: 2nd February 2016 at Wests Leagues Club Leumeah (Jacaranda Room) from 7.00pm.

Comp Start Date: Ladies,Mixed start 16th Feb 2016
Mens start 17th Feb 2016

Cost: $80.00 registration per player.

Minimum 10 players per team.

Come along and have fun playing Touch Football

Contact Dave 0425 214 076 or email ctatouch@hotmail.commore

Registration Fees 2016 Autumn Competition

Registration Fees for ALL 2016 Autumn competitions is $80.00 per player.Teams MUST have a minimum of 10 players to register.

Registration can be paid at the canteen at the fields or via direct transfer to the Campbelltown Touch bank account.

Details are
Account Number: 28004748.
Account Name: Campbelltown Touch Association

Any enquiries to ctatouch@hotmail.com.more

Results of Grand Final Games for 1st December 2015

Results of Grand Final games are as follows:
Aussie Battlers v Leftovers (Leftovers won 5-3)
Allrounders v Gonsky (Gonsky won 4-1)

Congratulations to Leftovrs and Gonksy.

See you all in 2016.more

2015 State Cup Mens Open Team

Campbelltown Touch would like to congratulate the following to represent 2015 Mens Open team.

Roger Lor
Mathew Chaplin-Patu
Mathew Bailey
Zach Churchill
Mitchell Muscat
Mathew Tran
Luke Wallington
Daniel O'Shea
Rob Maarseveen
Adam Hoffman
Joel Pearson
Jimmy Melhem
Jye French
Jye Lowe

Laurie Mugridgemore

2015 State Cup Ladies "A" team

Campbelltown Touch would like to congratulate the following to represent the Ladies Opens "A" team.

Sharnie Barabas
Lara Clark
Amanda Marshall
Isabelle Maarseveen
Laura O'Flynn
Anne-Marie O'Flynn
Grace Krpez
Jen Maarseveen
Nicole West
Ashleigh Maarseveen
Charlie O'Flynn
Danielle Dugdale
Amanda Lloyd

Sharnie Barabasmore

2015 State Cup Ladies Masters

Campbelltown would like to congratulate the following to represent the
Ladies Masters,
Kim Warner
Maryanne Musgrave
Pat Skinner
Jennifer O'Shea
Wendy Mohi
Kim Atkins
Sharon O'Dell
Karen Gorman
Joanie O'Neill
Sharon Fitzpatrick
Linda Bolt
Nicole Pearn Stewart
Coach - Sue Wheeler
Assistant Coach - Gary Warner
Manager - Brent O'Dellmore

State Cup 2015 Mens 55s Team

Campbelltown Touch would like to congratulate the following players who have made the Men’s 55’s

Marvin Hicks
Greg Andison
Warwick Fitzpatrick
Glynn Mullaney
Garry Gormon
Paul Connolly
Rob Wilson
Eddie Hilaire
Colin Williams
Neal Mcdonald
Roger Mort
Steve Musgrave

Scott Trewhellamore

State Cup 2015 Ladies team B (Amended)

Campbelltown Touch would like to congratulate the following players who have made the Ladies B’s

Tahnee Hooper
Emily Musgrave
Emma Armstrong
Sophie Petrou
Michelle Edmonds
Abby Fawcett
Morgan Kitchener
Stacey Atkins
Amarah Shillingsworth
Florence Moeara
Aimee Fitch
Maxine Moroney
Nicole Holmes
Rachel Pearse

Billy Mills.

Apologies for the list put up yesterday.more

State Cup 2015 Mixed Team

Campbelltown Touch would like to congratulate the following players who have made the Mixed Opens
Jared Mullaney
Craig Trewhella
Brad Trewhella
Rhys Newham
James Merrick
Jarrod McCarthy
Brianne Stewart
Cassandra Raptis
Tara Lakeman
Micheal Garnsey
Melanie Holemore

State Cup Coaches

Campbelltown Touch is pleased to announce the following Coaches for the upcoming 2015 State Cup!

Ladies Open’s A - Sharnie Barabas

Ladies Open’s B - Bill Mills

Ladies Master - Gary Warner

Mixed Open’s - Jared Mullaney

Men’s Open’s - Laurie Mugridge

Men’s Masters - Scott Trewhella

Congratulations to all the coaches.more

Online Registrations and Payments

All players are to be registered online immediately and all players are to be paid up by round 8.
If you cannot register online there will be a laptop at he canteen area.more

Committee 2015/2016

Your committee for 2016 is as follows:

President: David Sheaff
Tournament Director: Brendan O'Flynn
Treasurer: Sharnie Barabas
Representatives: Mick Hyett
Referees: Frank Dryden
Judiciary: Scott Trewhella
Juniors: TBA

Committee Members:

Sharon Fitzpatrick
Tony Dugdale
Cathy Costello
Jenny O'Shea
Rob Maarseveenmore

2014-5 AGM

2014/5 AGM will be held at Wests Leagues Club on Tuesday 28 July at 7.00pm.

Reports have been posted on the website under rules and forms.

Come along and have your say in the running of your competition.

New committee members needed with new ideas.more


Campbelltown Touch Association would like to announce the 2015 Vawdon Cup Teams.

Please see below for the team lists.

Good Luck to all teams.more


Congratulations to the successful coaches for the 2015 Vawdon Cup Teams:

Bill Mills (Ladies)
Jared Mullaney (Mixed)
Laurie Mugridge (Mens)
Sharnie Barabas (Ladies)more

Volunteers Needed

Hi anyone is interested in helping Campbelltown Touch by joining the committee, volunteering some time when at the fields or participating in the meeting with ideas/thoughts or opinions, please come forward, we need your help. All welcomemore

Team and Player Online Registration

Please be advised ALL players will need to register online from the start of round 1 All team contacts have been emailed the registration code for your team. If you are having problems registering please contact ctatouch@hotmail.commore


We are now into round 5 and we will be chasing teams for team registration as well as making sure all teams have the same playing uniforms.Any teams needing uniforms please let us know we can point you in the right direction.

As per tournament rules players out of uniform will be unable to score and if they do so the try will be disallowed and a turnover given to the defending side.more


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Kayess Park

Just a subtle reminder that the speed limit for the streets leading to Kayess park are 50kph and are being inconspicuously patrolled .We have had a few people booked for speeding and fined heavily so please be aware of the speed limit.




The Campbelltown Touch Association is a proud Level 2 member of the Good Sports program.



Allot of work has gone into our website, and our Facebook page. Therefore we would like for you to keep up to date with all the latest news, information and results by Finding Us on Facebook.more
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