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BQJBC 2017/18 Calender

When this year's draw comes available, it will be posted ASAP.

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BQJBC 2017/18 fixture/draw

When this year's draw becomes available it will be posted ASAP.
Please watch this space.more
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CLIPPERS Saturday Miniball

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Bring the big games back to the Clipper Dome
Home of Sunshine Coast Basketball
Massive thank you to the following for their generous Grand Stand Pledges
Melvic Contructions                       1 seat
Councilor Christian Dickson          50 seats
Colliers International                    10 seats
BBC Digital                                   10 seats
Online Registration Services          1 seat
Shane Truscott                               1 seat
Josh Truscott                                  1 seat
Gary Westaway Memorial               1 seat
Lynne Goss                                     1 seat
Humter Wise                                   1 seat
Empyrean Lighting                           3 seats
Sunshine Coast Sports Federation   1 seat
Lazare Family                                  8 seats
Clippers Junior Club                       22 seats
Investor Finance                            1 seat
Just $400 plus GST puts your name on a grand stand seat for the life of the grand staand. First in first picks
Cooporate signage included for 10 or more seats.
Come on lets get this done.
Pledge your support now by calling Shane 54448877


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