Team Managers

Duties of a Team Manager
Team manager duties are:
  • to manage your team and to liaison with parents, players and the coach.
  • to fill out a team sheet before every game.
  • to keep the team and coach informed of any changes in game times, forfeits, change of times and venues.
  • to supply an updated team sheet to the Secretary, Treasurer, and Junior Vice President of any change within the team. (Blank team sheets are available on this site). This is most important as all players have to be registered with Basketball S.A.
  • to have a parents roster drawn up for scoring/time keeping. Generally, during Home games South parents are required to work with the scoring roster (game score sheet) and away games with the time clock.
  • to make sure every player has a drink bottle and towel and suggest towels and drink bottles are not shared.
  • to retain a copy of the score sheet and pass on to your coach after the game.
  • to ensure that team photos are normally organised in the second season and you will be notified of dates and time by our Junior Vice President.
* First Aid kits are supplied by the club for minor injuries at the start of the season. If you exhaust the supply  it should be replaced  and shared by the parents. Strapping tape is not supplied by the club. The canteen has supplies of tape at competive prices.
* If you have an email address its a good idea to supply this as if there is any late change this is the best way of contacting you. There again keep a eye on it for any late changes as sometimes it becomes very difficult for our Club Secretary to notify everyone at the last moment 
The club thanks you for your support .....
Team List sheets
SABC Template Team Sheet.doc
SABC Template Team Sheet.xlsx

Score Sheet Instructions
Score Sheet Example

Sample Score Sheet
Score Sheet Example
Score Sheet Example


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