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CBI Board will have the final say in any rule disputes and may alter the rules where necessary.


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Caboolture Basketball Incorporated

Official Competition Rules


Revision History

2011 v1.0 - January 2011 – Creation of new document

2015 v1.0 - March 2015 – Creation of new document

2015 v1.1 – April 2015 – Amended document






1. Official Competition Rules

2. Competition Management

3. Team Nominations

4. Player Eligibility

5. Fees and Fines

6. Playing Uniforms

7. Junior Competition

8. Scorebench

9. Commencement of Play

10. Grading

11. Game Abandonment

12. Competition Points

13. Finals

14. Court Duty


            Code of Behaviour

            MSEC Conditions of Use

            BQ Zero Tolerance

            No Zone

            Referee’s Program


1. Official Competition Rules

1.1.      The competition rules during Caboolture Basketball Inc. (CBI) domestic fixture games shall be in accordance with the official basketball rules published by FIBA (Federation of International Basketball Associations) and will abide by the Basketball Australia Rules, excepted as varied herein.

1.2.      The Caboolture Basketball Inc. reserves the right to waive or alter any requirements laid down in these rules. The fact that a competition rule has not previously been enforced will not be accepted as a reason for non-compliance.

1.3.1.   Copies of these Competition Rules are available to players, coaches, managers and club officials on request or can be found on the CBI website www.caboolture.basketball.net.au.

1.3.2.   Copies of the Australian Rule book – Official Basketball Rules can be downloaded from the Basketball Australia Website www.basketball.net.au

1.3.3.   The Model Disciplinary Tribunals By-Law governs the conduct of disciplinary procedures in relation to basketball competitions and activities conducted by Caboolture Basketball Inc. A copy of the By-Law can be obtained from the office of Caboolture Basketball, or alternatively downloaded from the Basketball Queensland Website basketballqld.com.au

1.4.      CBI reserves the right to expel and/or ban any person from attending any venue or activity it administers, if that person displays unacceptable behaviour. Caboolture Basketball officials reserve the right to call venue staff or the police to an incident if they are of the judgement that such action is necessary.

1.5.      Day to day interpretation of the CBI Official Competition Rules shall be the responsibility of the CBI Staff as described at the start of this document.

1.6       Appeals

1.6.1.   Any player, team or individual may lodge an appeal concerning any aspect of a fixture, game or the application of the Official Competition Rules. The association shall only reply to an appeal if it is provided in writing, signed by the complainant and forwarded to the CBI general Manager together with a $50 appeal fee within seven days of the incident.

1.6.2.   Appeals must be addressed to:

General Manager,

Caboolture Basketball Inc.

PO Box 1476, Caboolture Qld 4510,


sent by email to caboolturebball@bigpond.com;


Handing directly to CBI Staff

1.6.4.   No appeal will be accepted without the applicable fee provided in an approved means.

1.6.5.   The appeal will be reviewed by CBI management at its convenience and the decision of the review in respect of the appeal will be final.

1.6.6.   Any appeal which is upheld will result in the $50 being refunded as a credit toward the player / team’s next game fees or member registration (whichever occurs sooner); no money will be refunded for any appeal which is dismissed.

2. Competition Management

2.1.      Each competition format, schedule and dates will be determined by CBI competition staff with final approval from the CBI General Manager.

2.2.      The name of any competition, including any relevant sponsorship title, will be determined at the discretion of CBI management.

2.3.      Nothing in the Official Competition Rules will prevent CBI from conducting any competition at any time, nor restrict CBI from altering any rules as relevant to the individual competition.

2.4.      Competition groupings, grades and divisions will be determined by CBI management depending on the nominations received and the timeframe available for the competition season.

2.5.      CBI management may regrade any team at any stage of the competition as deemed necessary for the ongoing benefit of the association or competition.

3. Team Nominations

3.1.      Clubs

3.1.1.   As of January 2015 the affiliated branches with Caboolture Basketball Inc are:

Civic Basketball

Eagles Basketball

Love Playing Basketball

Caboolture Magic Basketball

Moreton Storm

3.1.2.   Club Colours

Civic – Primary: Orange, Secondary: Black

Eagles – Primary: Yellow, Secondary: Navy

LPB – Primary: Red, Secondary: Blue

Magic – Primary: Black, Secondary: Blue

Morten Storm Primary:Purple Secondary:Black

Celtics - Primary: Green  Secondary: White

Note: Registered club colours will take precedent over any other team participating in competition. Should a clash occur, the team that does not have its colours registered, or who have had their colours registered but registered later than the opposing team, will be required to change uniform for that game where possible.

3.2.      Each team nomination shall be on the approved form and shall be accompanied by any required nomination fee.

3.3       Nominated Players

3.3.1.   Each nominated team shall have a minimum of seven (7) eligible players listed for the team.

3.3.2.   Players who have outstanding registration fees from a previous season will not be accepted as a registered member until they become a financial member with CBI.

3.4.      If a team withdraws or is expelled after the final draw has been completed, a cancellation fee of $100 shall apply any outstanding forfeit fees.

Note: No player from any offending team shall be eligible to play in any CBI fixture until their proportion of the fee is paid.

3.5.      Each team must designate a team contact on its nomination form, and this contact is responsible for the distribution of all CBI communication to the team members. In the case of Junior teams this person is to be designated as the team manager.

3.6.      All Junior teams must designate a Coach noted on the score sheet. If an assistant coach is present he/she must also be noted on the scoresheet.

3.7.    Team Names

3.7.1.   Teams must have a uniquely identifiable name. If a name clashes with another team, the first entered team will be given priority

3.7.2.   Teams are expected to nominate with names appropriate for all ages. If a name is deemed inappropriate then the team will be asked to change it, or it will be substituted with something appropriate by competition staff.

4. Player Eligibility

4.1.      All players shall be financial members of Caboolture Basketball Inc. This requires them to complete CBI Player Registration and Basketball Queensland registration and pay the applicable fee prior to participating in the competition.

4.2.      All competitors are required to have current CBI and BQ registration before they are allowed to be included on a scoresheet. Any player who is not a financial member with CBI will not be allowed to play without special dispensation from CBI staff.

4.3.      Any team fielding an ineligible player, will forfeit the match and charged all relevant fines as well as being required to explain their actions to the disciplinary tribunal.  

4.4.      Registering to a club / team

            4.5.1.   Junior players are to be registered to a club and may only compete in teams within that club for the entire competition season. A player may not change between teams within a division. Once they have taken court with a team that are committed to playing with it in that particular division for the entire competition season. (The exception to this will be during grading at the start of the competition season)

            4.5.2.   Senior players are to be registered to a single team and may only compete in that team for the entire competition season.

            4.5.3.   If a junior player wishes to compete in senior competition they may join any one senior team without restriction for the entire competition season, as long as they have no outstanding fees with their junior club.

4.5.      Transfers

            4.5.1. For a player transfer to be approved the player must be considered financial by CBI as well as have all outstanding debts paid to both CBI and their initial club. A fully completed player transfer form signed by at least one member of the club committee and must be submitted to the CBI administrator for approval prior to playing with the proposed new team. It is the player’s responsibility to obtain a clearance from the losing club / team prior to submitting the transfer form for approval.

4.5.2.   A junior player may only be eligible to transfer from one club to another at the end of the playing season.

            4.5.3.   A senior player may only be eligible to transfer from one team to another at the end of the playing season except in the case that a team must withdraw from the competition.

4.6.      Finals Eligibility

            4.6.1.   A player shall be eligible for finals once they have played in a minimum of five (5) scheduled games, prior to the finals games for that club / team.

            4.6.2.   A player must be recorded in the team list on 5 occasions as evidence of their attendance.

4.6.3.   Byes will be counted towards eligibility if games equal less than the 5 required than the amount of byes can be added to the players total games played during the course of the season.

4.6.4.   Games missed through sickness or injury will be considered towards eligibility, however proof will be required in the form of a written submission to the administrator with appropriate documentation, and the player must have demonstrated that they otherwise would have been playing in the competition.

4.6.5.   CBI reserves the right to deem any player eligible or ineligible for finals.

4.7.      Age Groups

Age Group

Participant Age

Born After

Youngest D.O.B






8 – 11




9 – 13




11 – 15




13 – 17







*see rule 4.9.2. for further detail

4.8.      Gender

4.8.1.   Girls may only play in designated mixed and girls divisions;

4.8.2.   Boys may only play in designated mixed and boys divisions.

4.8.3.   Where an age group does not have a competition for one gender, players may be allowed to compete in the alternate gender competition as determined by competition management.

4.9.      Senior Competition

4.9.1.   The competition will be conducted with an age limitation being a minimum of 16 years of age as of 31st December within the year of the playing season.

            4.9.2.   Playing out of Age Group

a) Where necessary CBI competition reserves the right to allow players outside of the age groups to participate in a chosen competition where this will be in the best interest of the association and competition.

b) A player that is younger than the minimum age may be granted approval to play in a competition provided they have demonstrated the appropriate skill level, they are competing in their appropriate junior competition as well, and they have parental consent to play in the older competition

c) Any exemption will require consideration of player safety as well as ability.

5. Fees and Fines

5.1.      All court fees must be paid to the CBI office prior to the beginning of each game and players names entered onto the score sheet prior to the beginning of the game.

5.2.      Club’s will be allowed to pay competition fees by credit, but all fees must be paid in the month following invoice.

5.3.      Any fines received must be paid before a team will be eligible to receive any competition points. If this has not been paid prior to the start of finals then the team will be removed from finals eligibility for that season.

5.4.      Nomination Fee

5.4.1.   Nomination Fees will be determined prior to release of competition information by CBI management.

5.4.2.   Discounts for early nominations may be included within the fee structure.

5.4.3.   Nominations that are received after the deadline may not be considered, and preference will be given to teams who submit their nominations on time.

5.4.4.   Once a team is allocated to the draw, the nomination fee is not refundable.

5.5.      Competition management may implement additional fines in addition to those mentioned here as determined by CBI Board and general Manager.

5.6.    Forfeits

Any team who forfeits a match will be penalised with 0 competition points for that match as well as all relevant fines:

            5.6.1.   Double game fees if notified less than 48 hours before scheduled game time.

            5.6.2.   Single game fees for any other forfeit where notification is received more than 48 before the advertised game time but less than 6 weeks prior to game day.

5.6.3.   $30 administration fee if 6 or more weeks before game day.

5.6.4.   Forfeit fees must be paid prior to the team’s next game. Teams will not be allowed to take the court until forfeit fees are paid.

5.6.5.   If unpaid forfeit fees result in another forfeit, additional forfeit fees will be charged.

5.7.      Any player who is referred to tribunal due to breach of conduct may be given the option of a financial fine as an alternative penalty to suspension. This will only occur for minor infringements where appropriate and will be entirely at the discretion of the tribunal panel.

5.8.      Uniform hire

            5.8.1.   Teams who wear inappropriate or non-compliant uniforms may request the hire of CBI uniforms for $10 per uniform.

            5.8.2.   CBI will provide, where possible, uniforms for use when a request for hire is made.

5.8.3.   Hired uniforms are to be washed and returned prior to the following fixture or the team will forfeit both the match that the uniforms were hired as well as all fixtures until the uniform is returned and all relevant fines will be applied.

6. Playing Uniforms

6.1.      Clubs

6.1.1.   All club players shall wear the approved uniform of their club or team in all divisions. This includes both tops and bottoms in the approved team colours. Alternative set approval may be given by CBI management if requested as necessary.

6.1.2.   Where a club has more than one team in any grade, alternative uniform colours shall be submitted for approval at the time of nomination.

            6.1.3.   T-Shirts may NOT be worn under singlets, the only exception being if a player has a medical certificate stating the reasons for wearing a T-Shirt, the T-Shirt must be the same colour as the predominant colour of the playing uniform.

6.1.4.   Bike pants or skin tight undergarments that extend below the shorts may be worn, provided they are the same dominant colour as the shorts, however these may not extend below the knees.

6.2. Teams not affiliated with a club

            6.2.1.   All rules in 6.1. apply to teams not affiliated with a club, where applicable.

6.2.2.   Branding and logo’s etc are acceptable, but all uniform items within a team must be consistent (i.e. a combination of different logo’s is not permitted).

6.3. Jewellery

No jewellery is to be worn by anyone entering the field of play.

6.4. Uniform Penalties

6.4.1.   If compliance with this rule delays the start of the game, the team shall be penalised 1 point for every minute the game is delayed.

If the team has less than 4 compliant players and an alternative uniform cannot be procured, the game may proceed as far as practicable, but the offending team shall be penalised 5 points per player in breach of rule 6.

6.4.2.   Teams will be given 3 weeks grace period to comply with uniform rules before any penalties will be imposed.

6.4.3.   New players are provided with a 2 week grace period to acquire the correct playing shorts for their team. These players may wear plain black basketball shorts without pockets throughout this period only.

6.4.4.   The opposition team will be responsible for identifying whether a team is in breach of and uniform requirements, however referees of competition management may impose the relevant penalties independent of playing teams where necessary.

6.5. Fingernails & Hair

6.5.1.   Fingernails shall be cut level with the tips of the fingers. Taping of fingernails will not be permitted.

6.5.2.   Fingernails are to be inspected by game officials before every game.

6.5.3.   Hair must be loose or tied up in a ponytail or bun, and braided hair is to be tied up if it falls below the shoulders.

6.5.4.   No ornaments, hair pins or clips shall be worn in the hair that may conflict injury on the wearer or any other player or official.

6.5.5.   Bobby pins / small snap clips no larger than a 20cent coin are acceptable.

7. Junior Competition

7.1       Junior Players

7.1.1    The competition will be conducted in the age division designated on the team nomination form. Eligibility for each age division shall be determined by the age of the player according to 4.7.

7.1.2.   CBI reserves the right to make exceptions to this rule in special circumstances. Such exceptions would be in the interests of a well-balanced competition, player safety, and include, but are not limited to the following:

a) Where a players physical size would prove a significant disadvantage to that player, if he or she was forced to play in the correct division for his or her age;

b) Where a player has a physical or mental disability that disadvantages them if they were to play in their correct age group;

c) Where a players ability and/or experience (or lack thereof) would prove a significant disadvantage to that player if he/she was forced to play in the correct age division for his or her age.

7.1.3.   A junior player may play in any number of games in a higher age division or in any senior division, without affecting a player’s eligibility to play in their normal age division.

            7.1.4. A player may only play in one team per age group regardless of whether the teams are in different divisions.

7.2. Zone Defence

7.2.1.   In all Under 10, Under 12 and U14 Junior games a zone defence is not allowed. Key-way / stand around or sagging zone defence will not be permitted. Only man-to-man defence is allowed.

If a coach believes his / her opponents are playing an illegal defence, then they are to call a time out and approach competition staff and request that the defence be reviewed. (The team will not be charged with the time out).

            7.2.2.   Should the observers believe the defence is illegal (refer No-Zone Rule guidelines by Basketball Queensland) the coach will be directed to alter game play as a First Warning.

            7.2.3.   Should the observers at any time during the remainder of the game judge that further illegal defence is penalising their opponents a Second Warning will be issued and the following penalty will be applied:

Penalty: A technical foul will be issued on the coach resulting in two (2) free throws being awarded to the opposition team, followed by possession of the ball at half way.

7.2.4.   Should the observers at any time during the remainder of the game judge that further illegal defence is penalising their opponents a Third Warning will be issued and the following penalty will be applied:

Penalty: A second technical foul will be issued on the coach resulting in dismissal from the game, in addition to two (2) free throws being awarded to the opposition team, followed by the possession of the ball at half way.

7.3.      Free Throws

7.3.1.   In all Under 10 games, free throws shall be taken from the top of the jump ball circle.

7.3.2.   In all Under 12 games, free throws shall be taken from the designated line in the restricted area (keyway).

7.3.3.   In Under 14 and older division games, free throws shall be taken from the free throw line.

7.4. Balls

Games must be played with balls complying with Basketball

Australia regulations:

Under 10’s                              Size 5

Under 12’s & U14’s               Size 6

All Female Games                   Size 6

All Male U16 and above         Size 7

7.5. Under 10’s

7.5.1.   In all Under 10 games, the three-point line shall not be utilised.

Any successful scoring attempt from beyond the three-point line shall be recorded as a two-point basket.

            7.5.2.   In Under 10’s matches the coach or manager for each team will assist as umpire for match. A referee will be provided to maintain unbiased control of the game, and will have the final say in all on-court officiating matters.

            7.5.3.   Only the designated coach or manager will be permitted to fulfil this role. They must be nominated at the start of the season.

7.5.4.   Where the team is unable to provide this CBI will try to allocate a referee in their place and the team will be charged for the referee fees. The team will be charged according to the maximum pay rate that the referee may receive for the game (as at April 2015 this fee is $12).

7.6. Mercy

In all junior games a “mercy rule” will be included to prevent a single team dominating the game too heavily.

7.6.1.   Once a team gains a lead of 10 points

7.6.2.   Once a team gains a lead of 15 points

7.6.3.   Once a team gains a lead of 20 points the coach of the leading team must instruct his / her players to pull back their defence to quarter court (i.e. the line between the half way line and the three point line). This rule also applies after any dead ball.

If a coach believes the mercy rule is not being applied they should repeat the same process as 7.2. “Zone Defence”

8. Scorebench

8.1. Stadium Scoring

8.1.1.   All CBI competitions will use stadium scoring for recording match data.

8.1.2.   Each team is required to provide one person to assist with scorebench. One person will be responsible for inputting data into the computer while the other will be required to manage the game clock and scoreboard.

8.1.3.   All players eligible to represent a team who are present at the game will be marked as “in play”whether they enter the game or not.

            8.1.4.   It is the responsibility of each team representative to ensure that all players are recorded in the courtside computer before the start of the game.

8.1.5.   It is the responsibility of the scorebench to return the match report to the competition office at the end of the match.

8.2. Game Times

8.2.1.   Matches will start at the scheduled time, or as soon after the previous game as possible.

8.2.2.   Teams will be allowed a minimum 3 minute warm up time following the conclusion of the previous game.

8.2.3.   The game clock shall start at the scheduled game time or three (3) minutes after the previous game, whichever is later.

8.2.4.   Not-withstanding rules 8.3.2 and 8.3.3, a game may commence before the scheduled start time or less than three (3) minutes after the conclusion of the previous game, if both teams and all court officials are in full and clear agreement to do so.

8.2.5.   Regular fixture games shall consist of four (4) x ten (10) minute quarters, with one (1) minute break between first / second and third / forth quarters and a three (3) minute breaks at half time.

8.2.6.   The game clock shall keep running except:

a) on all whistles and successful field baskets in the last two minutes of the

forth quarter; and

b) when specifically directed to do so by the referee; or

c) if there is a serious injury which will require medical attention.

            8.2.7.   In ‘A’ Grade games (including finals) the 24 second shot clock may operate as determined by CBI staff.

8.3.      Time Outs

8.3.1.   One Charged time out shall be allowed per team per quarter. 8.3.2.  In the first 3 quarters time outs cannot be taken in the last 2 minutes of play.

8.4.      Finals Games

8.4.1    Final series games shall be of four(4) x ten (10) minute quarters, with one (1) minute break between first / second and third / fourth quarters and a three (3) minute breaks at half time.

8.4.2.   In Finals Games, the game clock shall be stopped:

a) during all time outs;

b) on all whistles and successful field baskets in the last two minutes of the

fourth quarter only;

c) when specifically directed to do so by the referee

            8.4.3.   In all finals series games each team shall be allowed two (2) time outs in the fourth quarter only.

            8.4.4.   In the event of a draw in a finals series game only, further periods of three (3) minutes will be played until a result is achieved with one charged time out allowed per team in any period of extra play.

9. Commencement of Play

9.1. All teams will be ready to commence play at their scheduled start time.

9.2. Minimum players

9.2.1.   A team which does not have four (4) players ready to commence play, together with a scorer or timekeeper, at the start of the game shall be penalised one point for each minute, or part thereof, that commencement of play is delayed.

9.2.2.   The elapsed time and penalty applicable shall be calculated from the game clock, which shall be started in accordance with Rule 8.2.1.

9.2.3.   Awarding of penalty points under this Rule shall be at the discretion of the competition officials and shall be credited to the opposing team prior to the commencement of play, accompanied by a footnote on the scoresheet.

9.2.4.   If four (4) players are not ready to commence play within ten (10) minutes of the starting time, that team shall forfeit the game.

10. Grading

10.1.    Teams may be regraded at any time during the competition at the discretion of competition management.

10.2.    Where necessary a number of games may be used purely for the purposes of grading teams. These games may be included in the final competition ladder or they may be excluded at the discretion of competition management.

10.3.    If required, the CBI Board will convene a Grading Committee and appoint a member to that Committee.

10.4.    The grading committee will consist of an appointed member and a representative from each Club.

10.5.    The grading committee may regrade any team into any appropriate division in the best interests of the competition to ensure a standard level of competition is maintained.

11. Game Abandonment

11.1.    Games shall only be abandoned with the permission of Competition Management or Staff.

11.2.    Where a game is abandoned because of high temperatures, power failure, or other event outside of the control of organisers, a full report shall be written by the persons who authorised the abandonment.

11.3.    The following formula may be used to determine a result for abandoned games:

11.3.1.             Game called off any time in the first half:

Will be rescheduled at a scheduled time agreed upon by both teams or as stipulated by the CBI administrator.

However, a score line of 20 points or more when the game was abandoned will result in the score standing when the game was called off with no rematch taking place.

11.3.2.             Game called off any time in the second half:

The result will stand at the score line at which the game is called off. However, a margin of 10 points or less will result in the game to be rescheduled at a time agreed upon by both teams or as stipulated by the CBI administrator.

11.3.3.             Games abandoned before commencing:

Every effort will be made to play a rescheduled game at a later date, however if the game remains abandoned it shall be deemed a draw with competition points awarded accordingly.

11.3.4. When a game is abandoned because in the opinion of those authorising the abandonment, violence towards an official had occurred and / or the referee(s) were not prepared to continue officiating the game due to poor behaviour of the teams. The game result will be determined by the CBI Board following a report by the person authorising the abandonment.

In addition, the offending person(s) / team will be issued with a show cause letter as to why they should not be excluded from this or future competitions.

11.4.    Court Fees will not normally be refunded for an abandoned game. However, they may be refunded in some cases at the discretion of competition management.

12. Competition Points

12.1.    In all games other than competition finals, if at full time the scores are equal the game recorded as a draw.

12.2.    For determination of final placing in any fixture season, teams will be awarded cumulative points as follows:

- Win ~ 3

- Draw ~ 2

- Loss ~ 1

- Forfeit ~ 0

- Bye ~ 3

12.2.1. For the purpose of this Rule, games which are recorded as a forfeit in the following circumstances shall be deemed a loss:

a) Where a team withdraws from a game to tend to a player seriously injured during that game;

b) Where a team is ‘Fouled Out’ if during the games, less than two (2) players are left on the court.

            12.2.2. Any team who fails to provide a scorebench official for their game shall be penalised 1 competition point. If the game is a forfeit then no additional penalty will be applied

12.3. Finals Rankings

12.3.1. Team placing for finals shall be determined on the basis of accumulated competition points.

12.3.2. Where two or more teams have accumulated equal competition points, their relative positions shall be determined according to their win percentage as determined on the Competition Ladder.

12.3.3. If teams are still tied after taking this into consideration teams shall be separated by the Wins and Losses of the relevant teams against each other.

12.4     It shall be the responsibility of each team or club to check that competition points have been awarded and final places correctly determined.

13. Finals

13.1.    Finals process will be determined by competition managed based on the season time available.

13.2.    Finals Format

Finals shall be conducted where possible in one of two ways:


Major Semi                 ~ 1 V 2

Minor Semi                ~ 3 V 4

Preliminary                 ~ Minor Semi winner V Major Semi Final Loser

Grand Final                 ~ Winner of Major Semi-final V Winner of Preliminary Final


Semi 1                         ~ 1 V 4

Semi 2                         ~ 2 V 3

Grand Final                 ~ Winner of Semi 1 V Winner of Semi 2

14. Court Duty

14.1 The Referee Supervisor for CBI will endeavour to supply referees for all games.

14.2. When there are insufficient referees available to complete the duties required, teams may be required to provide a player to assist with officiating in the game following their schedule game.

14.3. CBI staff reserve the right to request any team provide a person to assist with officiating a game within any teams designated division.

14.4. It shall be the responsibility of each team to ensure their designated duty official is competent to complete their responsibilities as referee of bench official.

14.5. If a team is requested to provide a duty official and refuses to do so, they will be penalised 2 competition points.


Code of Behaviour

Codes of Behaviour for administrators, coaches, parents/guardians, players, officials, spectators, other registered members of CBI and various classes of visitors to, and or involved with, the venues and activities administered by CBI are published on the Caboolture Basketball website.

Where specific codes of behaviour for CBI do not exist, CBI competitions shall adopt the Basketball Queensland codes of behaviour.

Basketball Queensland Codes of Behaviour can be found on the CBI website and on the Basketball Queensland website http://www.basketballqld.com.au/resources.

MSEC Conditions of Use

1 –  Player, officials and / or spectators shall not participate in dunking or hanging off the basket nets / rings / backboard or supports during a warm up period / between quarters / half time / in extra time period or at the conclusion of a game.

Penalty: Any person who participates in this behaviour will be automatically evicted from the stadium and suspended from the venue for seven (7) days.

Further Infringements:

Penalty: That person shall be evicted from the game and the stadium and reported to the Judiciary Committee in accordance with the Model Disciplinary Tribunals By-Law.

2 –  A person whilst “dunking” during a game shall not hang off basket nets / rings / backboards or supports at any time, unless in the judgement of the official, the action is necessary to avoid serious injury to themselves or another player.

Penalty: The offender will be evicted from the stadium and / or reported to the Judiciary Committee in accordance with the Model Disciplinary Tribunals By-Law.

3 –  Any person who causes damage to any court fittings as a consequence of “dunking” or “hanging off” basket nets, rings, backboards or supports will be held liable for restitution of the damage. In the event of the backboard being smashed in such cases, the person and / or the team responsible will be fined the total amount of the damages and / or replacement costs.

4 – A person shall not shoot at side rings, bounce balls off walls, or pass or bounce balls at the ends of sidelines of any court while a game is in progress.

Penalty: The offender will be evicted from the stadium and / or reported to the Judiciary Committee in accordance with the Model Disciplinary Tribunals By-Law.

5 – A person shall not enter the court during a teams three (3) minute warm up / quarter time / half time / three quarter time or during a time out which a team is entitled unless the person is a member of that team.

Penalty: The offender will be evicted from the stadium and / or reported to the Judiciary Committee in accordance with the Model Disciplinary Tribunals By- Law.

6 – Teams shall vacate the bench area immediately after their game.

7 Blood

Any player that is bleeding or has a wound that is likely to bleed, shall not be permitted to play or continue playing in a game until the wound is securely covered to prevent the occurrence or re-occurrence of bleeding. (Seek assistance of sports injury person)

8 Photographing / Videotaping

Capturing images by any method, including but not limited to still or digital photography, video or camcorder, mobile phones and the like is not permitted during junior competition games.

Parents may capture images of their own children before and after games, and during game breaks, provided that images of children other than their own are not captured.

Taking of team photographs, with the permission of all parties involved is permitted.

9 Conduct

Coaches and spectators shall conduct themselves in a proper manner (i.e. accordance with the Australian Sports Commission Codes of Behaviour). The CBI Board reserves the right to request any coach or spectator to show cause why he / she should not be suspended from a game if that person displays unacceptable behaviour. Such behaviour includes, but is not limited to swearing, abusing players on either team, displaying disrespectful behaviour towards officials or game officials, and refusing to comply with requests of the CBI Board and authorised officials.

CBI reserves the right to expel any person from attending competition fixtures if that person displays unacceptable behaviour. CBI officials reserve the right to call Security / Police to an incident if they are of the judgement that such action is necessary. CBI official may use their own discretion based on individual situations.

BQ Zero Tolerance

To ensure a safe and enjoyable playing environment for all players, officials and participants, Basketball QLD has implemented a Zero Tolerance Policy for inappropriate behaviour for Parents and Spectators.

CBI will adopt this policy for all its’ competitions and related activities.

The Policy will ensure that:

1. There will be a zero tolerance shown towards any inappropriate or abusive behaviour from parents and spectators.

2. Any parent/guardian and/or spectator who feels the necessity to:

  • Persistently or wilfully question or challenge the rulings of the referees;
  • Berate or abuse game officials i.e. referees and score table personnel;
  • Berate or abuse players, team officials, parents or spectators;
  • Berate or abuse any game day official such as a Court Controller, Referee Supervisor, Association Representative or Basketball Queensland Representative;

will be asked to leave the venue immediately by the Court Controller.

No warnings need be given in the event of the above action becoming necessary.

In addition to spectator behaviour being monitored by the Court Controller and Referee Supervisor if the referees have an issue with a spectator they may stop the game and get the Court Controller and inform them of what has occurred in order to have the Court Controller remove the parent or spectator. If at any stage during a game a referee believes a spectator needs to be observed for poor behaviour they may stop the game and ask the Court Controller to observe and monitor the spectator. The Court Controller will take any actions they deem necessary after observing the spectator.

Any breaches of the Zero Tolerance Policy are to be reported to the Association on the Zero Tolerance Report Form. CBI competition management will review the report and make a decision on whether further action is required under the Queensland Basketball Model Disciplinary Tribunals By-law. Competition management may decide to escalate the matter to tribunal or to Basketball Queensland for further action.

Caboolture Basketball Inc. and Basketball Queensland implores any parents or spectators who feel that they cannot refrain from the above behaviour not to attend. Parents/spectators/organisations who would like to offer feedback or request clarification on officiating issues should direct their feedback through their team officials.

The health of our game depends on the nurture and development of game officials and younger players. This policy is not aimed at stifling or diminishing healthy supportive cheering or the ability of all spectators and parents to enjoy the spectacle of junior sport but rather to ensure that the support is done in a manner deemed appropriate under the Basketball Queensland Codes of Behaviour.

No Zone

Definition – Zone Defence

Any defence played in the half court which does not incorporate normal man to man defensive principles shall be considered to be a zone. For this purpose, trapping defences which rotate back to man to man defensive principles are acceptable.

Violations of Man to Man Defence

The use of man to man defence is integral to the championships and accordingly, specific observers will observe games for the purpose of determining any team that is not executing acceptable man to man defensive principles.

Violations of the “no zone” rule will generally fall within one of the following categories:

1. One or more players were not in an acceptable man to man defensive position in relation to the player they are guarding and the player with the ball;

2. A cutter moved all the way through the key and was not defended using acceptable man to man defensive techniques (for example, “bumping” the cutter, following the cutter or switching);

3. Following a trapping or help and recover situation the team made no attempt to re-establish man to man defensive positioning;

4. The team zone pressed and did not assume man to man defensive positioning once the ball had been advanced into the quarter court.

Penalties for use of Zone Defence

An official observer (”zone buster”) is appointed to each game at the championship and will be introduced to the Head Coaches, Scoretable Chairperson and Referees prior to the game.

Speak to the coach

During the game, the “zone buster” may speak to the coach if they are concerned that the team (or any player) is not playing to acceptable man to man defensive principles. It is preferable that the zone buster speak to the coach prior to any penalty being imposed, however the deliberate and premeditated use of a zone defence at a critical time in a game may be penalized immediately.

Benefit of the doubt with Defensive team

This rule has been introduced for the development of individual and team skills. It has not been introduced to penalise:

  • Lazy defence;
  • Poor coaching;
  • Tired players;
  • Poorly executed man to man defence.

Accordingly, if there is any doubt as to whether or not a team is playing acceptable man to man defensive principles, the benefit of the doubt will be given to the defensive team.

Not a decision for the referees

It is not for referees to adjudicate whether or not a zone defence is being played.

The court supervisor and competition management will be the points of contact if a team believes their opposition is breaching the “no zone” rules.

If there are concerns about the defence played by a particular team during the season, then a “zone buster” could be asked to observe the team. If the team is playing a zone defence (or at least not playing acceptable man to man principles) it may be valuable to provide education for the coach on how to teach acceptable man to man principles.

Further description of the Basketball Australia Zone Buster Manual can be found on the CBI website.

Referee’s Program

1All referees will remain members of the referees association within the Caboolture Basketball Association.

2The Referees Supervisor will nominate and be appointed by the CBI competition management.

Recommendation from the co-ordinator for further referee supervisor positions may be approved to provide additional support for the referee program. These will be given a hierarchy to ensure clarity of seniority.

3All referees will be educated and evaluated at their current levels and be encouraged where necessary to strive for the BQ desired Standards

4Referee Supervisor will actively encourage all referees to attain BQ Standards.

5Selection of Referees for Representative commitments is at the discretion of Referee Supervisor.

6The Referee Supervisor will be responsible for all rosters and notification to BQ for advancement in levels

7Alcohol shall not be consumed by referees prior or during their responsibilities as a referee.


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