Become A Statistician

A Basketball Statistician is a game official who is responsible for recording all actions for both teams during a game. There are at least 2 Statisticians officiating at each game – one Statistician (the Caller) calls all the actions on court to the second Statistician (the Computer Operator), who inputs these actions into the computer. A third Statistician may also be present, known as the “Spotter” and their role is to clarify or pick up missed actions by the Caller.

To become a statistician, you must be 14 years or older and have a basic knowledge of basketball. Some experience with computers is also an advantage.

Prospective Statisticians are required to complete an eight hour Statistician’s Course incorporating “Level 1 Statistician” accreditation and learning to use the computerised basketball statistics program.

After you have achieved you Level 1 and Computer Course accreditation, and practiced officiating at a few games, you are ready to begin your new position as a Basketball Statistician. Your accreditation is recognised Australia wide.

All statisticians are required to be registered with Brisbane Basketball Inc it is totally free and takes less than two minutes to do click here to register.

What competitions do Statisticians officiate at?

Statisticians officiate at most senior competitions all around Australia. Depending on their level of accreditation, Brisbane & Queensland statisticians have the opportunity to officiate at the following competitions;
National Basketball League (NBL) &
Women’s National Basketball League (WNBL)
National Wheelchair Basketball League (NWBL)
Queensland Basketball League (QBL)

For Stats Enquiries contact Brisbane Basketball