Awards - 2016

Special Awards

HSA Club Championship - Moss Vale

HSA Fair Play Award - Exeter

HSA Service Award - Phil Tallon

HSA Referee of the Year Award - Dave Noble


Senior Competition

HSA Pre-Season Cup All Age Men - Hill Top

HSA Pre-Season Cup All Age Women - Yerrinbool-Bargo


All Age Men Premier League:

Minor Premiers - Marulan

Grand Final Winner - Yerrinbool-Bargo

(Player of the match - Mark Butler)

Runner Up - Marulan

Player of the Year - Daniel Aliffi

Golden Boot - Luke Will

Golden Gloves - Bailey Halias

Darryl Kill Memorial Trophy - Marulan


All Age Women Premier League:

Minor Premiers - Yerrinbool-Bargo

Grand Final Winner - Yerrinbool-Bargo

(Player of the match - Juliana Pudney)

Runner Up - Moss Vale

Player of the Year - Alyce Thompson

Golden Boot - Sarah Rech

Golden Gloves - Angela D'Adam

Noelene Munro Cup - Moss Vale


All Age Men Reserve Grade:

Minor Premiers - Moss Vale

Grand Final Winner - Moss Vale

(Player of the match - Brendan Garske)

Runner Up - Exeter

Player of the Year - Daniel Freere

Golden Boot - Scott Sundgren

Golden Gloves - Jacob Clarke

Liberale Trophy - Moss Vale


All Age Women Reserve Grade:

Minor Premiers - Crookwell

Grand Final Winner - Crookwell

(Player of the match - Tabitha Will)

Runner Up - Moss Vale W

Player of the Year - Annie Croker

Golden Boot - Annie Croker

Golden Gloves - Emily Selmes

Chris Jacobs Cup - Crookwell


All Age Men Third Grade:

Minor Premiers - Bowral

Grand Final Winner - Bowral

(Player of the match - Larry Mullen)

Runner Up - Bundanoon

Player of the Year - John McGannon

Golden Boot - Morgan Evans

Golden Gloves - Peter Jensen

George Auld Cup - Bowral


All Age Men Youth Grade:

Minor Premiers - Chevalier

Grand Final Winner - Chevalier

(Player of the match - Morgan Horn)

Runner Up - Wollondilly Soldiers

Player of the Year - Reece Cole

Golden Boot - Reece Cole, Finn Sullivan

Golden Gloves - Angus Lowden

HSA Cup - Chevalier


Junior Competition

Under 15s:

Minor Premiers - Mittagong

Grand Final Winner - Mittagong

(Player of the match - Luke Mills)

Runner Up - Yerrinbool G

Jan Plain Cup - Mittagong


Under 13s:

Minor Premiers - Robertson-Burrawang M

Grand Final Winner Div 1 - Moss Vale R

(Player of the match - Nathan Brumfield)

Runner Up Div 1 - Robertson-Burrawang M

Grand Final Winner Div 2 - Mittagong

(Player of the Match - Joshua Murray)

Runner Up Div 2 - Bundanoon

Anthony Liberale Memorial Trophy - Moss Vale R


Under 11s:

Michael Sant Cup - Bowral Opals


Under 10s:

Beryl Fitzgerald Memorial Cup - Robertson-Burrawang M

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