Rules, Regulations and Policies

QAFL Rules & Regulations 2010

This is a complete list of the Rules & Regulations covering the QAFL State League Division 1 competition.more

AFL Community Competitions Rules & Regulations 2010

A Complete list of Rules and Regulations that apply to Community Based Football from the Pineapple Hotel Cup down are available by clicking "more" and following the prompts.more

AFLQ Competitions Reports & Tribunals 2010

The document attached is a complete list of the Rules regarding Reports & Tribunals for all Senior competitions of Leagues affiliated to AFL Queensland.more

Hot Weather Guidlines

AFL Queensland has a responsibility to take a positive role in educating and increasing the awareness of all its affiliates and members about the dangers of physical activity in the heat. With this in mind these guidelines have been formulated with specific reference to information provided in Sports Medicine Australia (SMA) guidelines.
These guidelines shall apply to AFL Queensland affiliates, members, administrators, officials, coaches and volunteers.more

Gambling Policy

The AFL will investigate any breach of this policy by one of its employees and will consider disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment. This may also include requiring an employee to attend counseling or any course related to responsible gamblingmore

Ground Lighting Criteria

The information contained below has been extracted form the Australian Standard which was prepared by the Standards Australia Committee LG-009, Sports Lighting, to supersede AS 2560.2.3-1986 Guide to sports lighting - Lighting for football (all codes). It was approved on behalf of the Council of Standards Australia on 8 April 2002 and published on 16 May 2002.
The Standard contains recommendations and requirements (the requirements refer to methods of assessment and measurement and levels of performance) specific to the lighting of outdoor football grounds for all codes commonly played in Australia.more
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