FAQ - Junior Competition

 Player Equipment

Can a player wear undershorts ("skins")?  Yes providing the skins comply with the FNSW playing policy. When choosing the colour they must be the same as the predominant colour of the shorts.

Can a player wear glasses while playing in a match? This is covered under the FIFA Laws of the game under player safety. A player can wear sports goggles, sports glasses or sports sunglasses if in the opinion of the referee they pose no danger to the player or other players. Metal frame glasses are not permitted.


Who can be borrowed for competition matches? Firstly, no player is allowed to play up in any division more than two years above the lowest age group to which he/she is entitled to register. Secondly there is specific criteria relating to the division a player is in. Click here for a summary guide but note if there is an error in the table, the competition rules override this.

Can there be exceptions to the borrowing rule? Yes clubs can apply for special consideration. If granted the team must produce a letter from FSC which has the approval and conditions.

 Ball Sizes

What are the correct ball sizes in Junior Football? Under 6 to Under 9 use a si ze 3 ball, Under 10 to Under 13 use a size 4 ball, Under 14 and over use a size 5 ball.


What competition points are awarded? A win is 3 points, a draw is 1 point, a loss is 0 points, a bye is 0 points.

Which age groups have results posted? Only WIN Network competition age groups - Under 12 and over

When are results posted? Home clubs are requested to input results. The Fox Sporting Pulse system will at 6pm on Saturday, 6pm on Sunday and 2am on Monday post the results into the match centre. This could take 15 minutes. Should results be put in after this, they will be posted at the next manual publishing.

A result is wrong or missing, how can this get corrected? Contact your Club Secretary. Clubs have the ability to edit the result if it has not been checked by FSC, otherwise they will refer it to FSC.

The goal scorers are incorrect? Contact your Club Secretary. Clubs have the ability to edit the goal scorers if it has not been checked but it is not a requirement for club volunteers to do this , otherwise they will refer it to FSC.

When does FSC check the team sheets? Team sheets are sent in by clubs and are due by Wednesday after the match. Team sheets are checked for scores and goal scorers as time allows over the next two to three weeks. 

Can a team manager input the results and goal scorers? This is a decision for your club. The club can investigate giving a person access to their team. 


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Notice Board

NSW Government Active Kids Rebate Voucher Program

Go to Services NSW and get your code before registering in MyFootballClub. You will be required to input the code in the payment section if you wish to use the Active Kids Voucher.

For parents who registered before Jan 31 and chose the deferred payment, please go to Service NSW and get your code. Put the code in the additional question of your registration. Click here for MyFootballClub instructions


IMB Moment of The Week

IMB Bank 2018 Junior Moment of the Week

During the 2018 Season, send a photo of one of yourself or your team experiencing a great moment on game day to admin@footballsouthcoast.com - it could be a goal celebration, a moment of great sportsmanship or simply players having fun.  Also tell us in a few words what is happening in the photo to make it a magic moment. 


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