Please complete one of these reports initially.

Reporting an Injury to Football South Coast - Self Report

Reporting an Injury to Football South Coast - Witness Report

To make a claim with insurance, you will be required to complete the insurer's form.


You can find more information on coverage by

1. Logging into your MyFootballAccount and reviewing the terms and conditions under FNSW section.

2. Going to FFA Gow Gates Sport Website


You have 120 days from the injury  to fully submit a claim. Please do not wait for treatment to be complete prior to submitting your claim.

FNSW Personal Injury Claim Form for injuries from 1 Jan 2018.

Contact the FSC office for injuries which occurred in 2017.

What is covered?

For serious / permanent injury you may also be able to additionally claim from NSW Sporting Injuries


Gurus 5 - ASIDE at the Frat

5 Aside (Futsal Indoor) Sports Claim Form

5 Aside Incident and Injury Report

5 Aside Insurance Cover Summary



FNSW - Injury Prevention and Management resources

Sports Medicine Australia



Notice Board

NSW Government Active Kids Rebate Voucher Program

Go to Services NSW and get your code before registering in MyFootballClub. You will be required to input the code in the payment section if you wish to use the Active Kids Voucher.

For parents who registered before Jan 31 and chose the deferred payment, please go to Service NSW and get your code. Put the code in the additional question of your registration. Click here for MyFootballClub instructions


IMB Moment of The Week

IMB Bank 2018 Junior Moment of the Week

During the 2018 Season, send a photo of one of yourself or your team experiencing a great moment on game day to - it could be a goal celebration, a moment of great sportsmanship or simply players having fun.  Also tell us in a few words what is happening in the photo to make it a magic moment. 


Sydney FC Junior Blues