Players Looking For A Team

Here is a list of Senior players currently Looking For A Team

Teams - If you have contacted a player & they have joined your team, please let the SDBA Office know so we can take that player off the list.


 Jared Ferrari  0428201464  PG/SG Mon A Men or Wed Wen 27/2/18
 Kieran Sonter 0423280172   C/F Thurs Men Bronze  5/3/18 
 Stephen Lewins 0499862811  SG Thurs Men Gold or Mon A Men 15/3/18
 Richard Pachos 0414103291   Mon A Men 15/3/18
 Lauren Sherwell 0420493345   Wed Women 15/3/18
 Shiva Muraleedaran 0410181996   Thurs Men Bronze 15/3/18
 Maretta Vincent 0407659572   Wed Women 15/3/18
 Luca Tromblin 0421942371   Thurs Men Bronze 15/3/18
 Andrea Consolini 0405067764   Tues Men or Wed Men 15/3/18
 Joel Bradshaw 0478201982   Mon A Men 15/3/18
 Mitchell Davis-Moggs 0447111384   Wed Men or Thurs Men Bronze 15/3/18
 Ashleigh Bow 0433430542 SG/PF Wed Women 19/3/18
 Celine Pearse  0433424955 C Wed Women 26/3/18
 Ron Prasad 0403256707 F Mon Men Vets or Thurs Men Bronze 29/3/18
 Joel Edwards 0466963133 PF/C Tues Men or Thurs Men Silver 6/4/18