To Enter a team into one of our Senior Comps.

We play Three competition seasons throughout the year.

The First season (Grading) begins at the end of January and runs until the middle of April.

The Second season (Champ) begins in the middle of April and runs through until approximately the first week in September.

The Third Season (Summer) begins in early September and finishes at approximately the end of the State School year.

Competitions presently run through the week:

Monday - Men A Grade

            - Men Vets

            - Women A Grade

Tuesday - Men

Wednesday - Women

                  - Men

Thursday - Men Gold (A Grade)

              - Men Silver ( Social)

              - Men Bronze (Social)

Team Nominations are $75.00 for 2017. Payable via the website.

Game fees are $90.00/team/game for 2017. Payable at the canteen.

Player Registration is mandatory for each player in the Association and also covers the Basketball QLD component and is $135.00. Payable via the website.

The player Registration for Season 3 has historically been reduced. When this has happened we will place a news update on the website. In 2016 and again in 2017 the registration in total for Season 3 was $35.00.

We accept nominations for each of the seasons starting one month prior to the start of the new season. This can be done via the Nomination button on the right hand side of the home web page on the Southern Districts website. Follow the prompts and payment is made at the last part of the nomination process.

Players Wanting to join a team

If Senior players are looking for a team there is a couple of options for that to happen.

  1. Players can come down to the stadium on the night they are interested in joining and introduce themselves to some of the teams playing. Information about which grades are playing on each court can be found by speaking to the canteen staff. 
  2. Players can download the Player Interest Form below, fill it in & either scan & email it to or bring it into the office at the stadium.
  3. A full list of players wanting teams will be placed on our website.