The Vicki Sargent Memorial Trophy

Vicki Sargent

The Premiership for the Champion School is awarded to the Senior A Debating level only, and is based on an accumulation of competition points over the season.

The Vicki Sargent Memorial Trophy is named after a remarkable woman who made an enormous contribution to GPS Debating.

Vicki Sargent was born to this world on the 17th September, 1962 and entered eternal life on the 28th October 2007. After attending Lourdes Hill and three years at teachers college, Vicki entered her first and final place of employment at St. Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace in 1983. Vicki had passion for the Arts and for Education. This passion and competence established her as a leading Visual Arts teacher and in 2001 was appointed the first female member of the College Leadership Team – an achievement she was immensely proud of. Her vision for arts education and an unswerving belief in cultural pursuits for boys elevated Terrace to many artistic and cultural pinnacles over her time of directing the Visual Arts department and the Cultural programs at Terrace.

It often takes a shock to make us see our lives afresh.  In Vicki’s case the shock was the news, when she was just 30 years of age, that she had breast cancer.  This, however, did not stop her, for she chose life and all that the world had to offer. Choosing life meant embracing all of it: the pleasure and the pain, joy and sorrow, health and illness. No matter what it took - at Terrace, at Tennyson, at the theatre, at music assembly halls or classrooms, Vicki gave generously, lovingly, willingly and energetically; and in doing so embodied herself in the fabric of Terrace. In so doing she affected, not only the lives of countless young men in her care, but their families, her colleagues and indeed the teaching profession to which she was devoted.  Her courageous fight to live saw her work right up to a week before her death.

In the role of Director of Culture, Vicki has the responsibility of overseeing all co-curricular activities outside the classroom that was not sport. As well Vicki amazingly found the time to support the sporting programs by coaching both Rugby and Tennis.

But it was her love of Debating, the Debating Program and the children from all GPS schools who chose to debate for their College that gave her incredible satisfaction and joy. Whether it was supporting every Senior A debate for the last 7 years; coordinating the vast array of debating coaches and arranging coach education for them all along with adjudicating qualifications; hosting GPS debates between member schools or hosting QDU finals nights at the College. Terrace’s fine reputation as a debating school has only been enhanced by Vicki’s extraordinary attention to detail and her unwavering sense of commitment to the program, students and coaches – and it must be said to the principles of the GPS Association.

Vicki was farewelled at a funeral service held at St Stephen’s Cathedral in Elizabeth Street, by coincidence, the birth place of Terrace. Friends, family and old boys flew in from all over the country to participate in a funeral service that was full of beautiful music, ritual and stunning song that paid tribute to a life fully lived. Current student leaders preceded her coffin from the Cathedral while hundreds of mourners lined Elizabeth Street to form a guard of honour. Fittingly, traffic came to a stand still as more than 1200 people honoured a woman who had become an icon at Terrace. Vicki, who taught her entire 25 years of teaching at Terrace, has left her charismatic mark on the hearts and minds of many young men in her care because she was able to do the simple but arduous task of seeing the world and responding to it with incredible energy and insight. 

Vicki left an indelible imprint on not only individuals, but the entire Terrace family – and GPS family.  Her influence has shaped the future of so many old boys and the memories we hold dear will never be erased. 

March 2008


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