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Notice Board

Qualification of Senior & Reserves Players for SFNL Finals Series:

1)         A player playing in two matches in the same home and away round can only qualify for finals series matches in the higher grade match in which he plays.

2)         A player must play in one match for the participating club in the home and away rounds to be eligible to participate in the finals series matches, however a player who has played more than five games in the scheduled home and away matches in a higher grade shall be ineligible to play in finals matches in a lower grade unless he has played at least five games in that lower grade.

3)         A player who has played less than five games in any grade must play an equal number of games in the lower grade to be eligible to participate in finals in the lower grade.

4)         A player playing on a Day or Area Permit in the Finals Series must play in at least five matches on permit during the current season to be eligible to play in the Finals Series.

5)         Any player having played on permit in a higher grade during the home and away matches cannot play in a Finals Series match in the lower grade.

6)         No player can play in the Senior Grade Finals Series on permit. (“Senior Grade” is defined as the first XVIII team and has no relevance to Reserve or Under 18 XVIII).

7)         If a club has Senior, Reserve and Under 18 Grade teams playing in the same finals series match (ie. All in the 1st semi-final) on the same weekend, that club, subject to age qualifications for the Under 18 Grade, can select players in such teams as it sees fit. Likewise, if both Senior and Reserve Grade teams are playing in the same final series match on the same weekend that club can select any open age player who has played at least one match in the home and away season for the club in either grade.

8)         For the purposes of Finals Series qualification and player eligibility, matches played in the TAC Cup Under 18 competition, shall be considered as SF&NL Senior Grade matches.

9)         Any player who has played more than twelve (12) 1st XVIII home and away games for a club affiliated with a senior state league competition in that season will not be eligible to play SF&NL finals.

10)       Finals qualifications matches are counted only in the home and away matches. Finals Series games do not affect qualification criteria.


Qualification of Underage Players for SFNL Finals Series:

Note: Underage grades are Under 18, Under 16, Under 14, Under 13

1)         A player must meet the age requirements to participate in the under-age finals.

2)         A player must play in one match for his participating club in the respective grade during the home and away rounds to be eligible to participate in the finals series matches.

3)         In Under 18 and lower competitions, where players participate at higher levels; they be under no other restrictions (other than points 1 and 2 above) to return to play finals in their respective age groups.

4)         Any player having played on permit in a higher grade during the home and away matches cannot play in a Finals Series match in the lower grade.


SFNL Notice Board


The Board of the Sunraysia Football & Netball League wishes to alert patrons of the decision to enforce the regulation that has been in place for some years relating to bringing alcohol into grounds during finals.

The rule states that no alcohol is allowed to be brought into the ground.

Vehicles entering finals venues may be inspected and where alcohol is detected, it must be left at the gate and collected when leaving.

Failure to comply will mean refusal of entry.

Patrons detected consuming alcohol not purchased at the ground will be asked to leave.

A legally authorised licensed booth will be operating at each ground.

This decision conforms to the AFL Vic Country major sponsor WorkSafe policy on responsible attitude to alcohol.

Senior Ladder - Sidebar

2018 Seniors
1 Ouyen United 52
2 Red Cliffs 52
3 Robinvale-Euston 40
4 Imperials 40
5 Irymple 36
6 South Mildura 20
7 Mildura 12
8 Wentworth 12
9 Merbein 4

Reserves Ladder - Sidebar

2018 Reserves
1 Irymple 60
2 South Mildura 56
3 Red Cliffs 36
4 Robinvale-Euston 36
5 Imperials 24
6 Ouyen United 24
7 Wentworth 24
8 Mildura 8
9 Merbein 4

U18 Ladder - Sidebar

2018 Under 18
1 Robinvale-Euston 52
2 Irymple 52
3 Mildura 44
4 Imperials 40
5 Red Cliffs 28
6 Wentworth 24
7 South Mildura 16
8 Ouyen United 12
9 Merbein 0