WDBC Committee

President: Craig Gilbert

I am incredibly humbled to be the President of the Woodville District Basketball Club. 

The Club has provided me with many opportunities and countless friendships and I am forever in its debt, it is a true honour to give my time back to the Club. My role is help the WDBC continue along its path to becoming the leading and most respected District Basketball Club in South Australia.  

Craig’s basketball history includes:

1983 SA Metro U/16
1985 SA Metro U/18
1986 SA Metro U/20 Australian Champion
1987 SA Metro U/20
1987 Inaugural member Woodville Warriors SEABL team
1989 Ballarat Miners SEABL Champion
1989 Ballarat Miners Victorian Basketball Association Champion
1989 Ballarat Miners Victorian Country Champion
1990 SEABL All-Star Game
1990 Ballarat Miners SEABL Runner-up
1991 Tassie Devils NBL
1992 Ballarat Miners SEABL Runner-up
1994 Ballarat Miners SEABL Champion
1996 Woodville Warriors Assistant Coach/Captain/Best&Fairest
1997 Woodville Warriors Assistant Coach/Captain/MVP
1997 ABA Defensive player of the Year
1997 ABA/QLD All-Star Game
1997 ABA Woollacott Medal Runner-up
1998 Woodville Warriors Assistant Coach/Captain/MVP
1999 Woodville Warriors Assistant Coach/Captain/MVP
2000 Woodville Warriors Assistant Coach/Captain/Best&Fairest
2000 Woodville Warriors State League Champions
2000 ABA Woollcott Medal Runner-up
2000 Runner-up National Golden Hands Award
2001 Woodville Warriors Assistant Coach/Captain/Best&Fairest
1996-1999 Woodville Warriors Junior Development Officer 


252 Games Ballarat Miners 
257 Games Woodville Warriors 
24 Games Tassie Devils 


Ballarat Miners 30 Year Anniversary All-Star Team member

Woodville Warriors 25 Anniversary All-Star Team Captain 

Vice President:  Kym Clark

Kym has had involvement with WDBC from 1999 - which has included roles on Management, coaching, team manager currently Mens Premier League as well as following playing careers of his sons Ryan and Christopher. His wife has also been equally involved to the extent that WDBC is a significant part of their lives and Kym hopes can be as rewarding for other families.

Secretary: Ros Jones

Treasurer: Mike Mackenroth

Committee Members:

Adam Davies, Sally Siggs, Lyn Sexton, Paul Vandenburgh

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