2018 Selection Announcements

Congratulations to all players, coaches and officials on their selection for SA Country Basketball and thank you to everyone for their efforts at the trials.

Please note the following prior to making contact:

  • The purpose of the trials was to select players, coaches were not in a positon to identify areas for improvement for all of the athletes that attended and will not be able to answer questions on areas for individual  improvement.  Our staff do attend Association sessions and can assist more with individual development at those times.
  • Uniform orders have been placed for selected players, coaches and officials.
  • If you have any questions please contact;

State manager: Roger Hammond

Girls manager:  Kristine Dalitz

U18 men

Head coach: Jamie Petty
Group manager: Paul Wellington

Magpies    Sharks 
Danny Millard Coach    Ben Wigzell Coach 
Matthew Stock Team manager   Nathan Wright Team manager 
Bailey Beattie Broken Hill    Sebastian Bald Eastern Hills 
Matthew Black Naracoorte    Oscar Clarke Naracoorte 
Rhys Cannizaro  Barossa Valley    Thomas Glover Eastern Hills 
Callum Gaze  Adelaide Plains    Marshall Howe  Eastern Hills 
Jacob Grosser  Bordertown    Malok Makoi  Mount Gambier 
Mitchell Hunter  Mt Gambier    Caleb McKenna  Port Augusta 
Jack Laube  Murray Bridge    Jeremy Nobes  Barossa Valley 
Riley Stasinowsky  Riverland    Stuart Scott  Great Southern 
Zach Walker  Naracoorte    Jordan Taylor  Yorke Valley 
Hudson Walsh  Barossa Valley    Jackson Walsh  Port Pirie 

Reserves: Tom Abbey (Millicent), Issac Feltus (Barossa Valley), Luke Mollet (Barossa Valley, Tanner Stuart (Millicent)

U18 women
Head coach:
 James Rattus
Group manager: Kristine Dalitz

Magpies    Sharks 
Bryan Green Coach   Morgan Tolley Coach
Chelsea Biddell Team manager   Kenisha Seidel Team manager
Jordyn Adams  Mount Gambier   Emily Close Mount Gambier
Montana Briggs Yorke Valley    Madisyn Freeman  Mount Gambier 
Jorja Eldridge Whyalla    Erin Hoare  Yorke Valley 
Meg Elsworthy Yorke Valley    Meaza Otto  Port Lincoln 
Tahlia Griffiths  Great Southern    Keryl Ousey  Mount Gambier 
Emily O'Driscoll  Strathalbyn    Angel Simmons  Broken Hill 
Olivia Slattery  Naracoorte    Portia Size  Riverland 
Isabella Stratford  Mount Gambier    Jaimi Tabb  Yorke Valley 
Emillie Walsh  Barossa Valley    Gabrielle van Rijn  Naracoorte 
Ashlee Wutke  Riverland    Emily Winter  Millicent 

Reserves: Tahlia Kavanagh (Naracoorte), Sophie Miles (Naracoorte),

16 boys
Head coach:
 Mark Billington
Group manager: Graeme Stringer

Magpies   Sharks
Ryan Byrne Coach   Paul Harris Coach
Bradley Wright Team manager   Daniel Stock Team manager
Ethan Baxter Eastern Hills   Charlie Adams Yorke Valley
Joshua McGregor  Mount Gambier    Oscar Adams  Mount Gambier 
Harry McInnes  Naracoorte    Oliver Brunton  Willunga 
Craig Nathan  Mount Gambier    Declan Hortle  Eastern Hills 
William Round  Great Southern    Jaidyn Lawrence  Mount Gambier 
Jamar Scarvelis  Great Southern    Price Marshall  Port Lincoln 
Deenpall Singh  Port Lincoln    Riley Smelt  Murray Bridge 
Daniel Smith  Great Southern    Lewis Stratford  Mount Gambier 
Matthew Thomson  Yorke Valley    Oliver Thomson  Mount Gambier 
Orlando Zohar  Willunga    Benjamin Webster  Eastern Hills 

Reserves: Declan Johnson (Riverland), Tayte Wormald (Barossa)

U16 girls
Head coach:
 Trudy Ireland
Group manager: Michelle Hatcher
Assistant manager: Hannah Platt

Magpies   Sharks
Dan Stratford Coach   Lyndsee Frost Coach
Georgia Thomson Team manager   Olivia Fuller Team manager
Meg Butcher Broken Hill    Lucy Cole Whyalla
Izel Marie Contayoso Murray Bridge   Emily Dawe  Mount Gambier
Jorja Dewhurst Strathalbyn    Ilea Frensch  Yorke Valley
Jordan Freeman Mount Gambier   Caitlin Gore Eastern Hills
Shantae Barnes-Cowan Whyalla   Maddison Haggett Millicent 
Michaela Horrigan Mount Gambier    Claire Hunter Mount Gambier
Sarah Nulty Mount Gambier   Bianca Johnstone Broken Hill
Laura Richardson Barossa Valley   Tiah Peek Port Pirie
Ellie Simmons  Broken Hill   Keeley Round  Great Southern
Jaida Tabb  Yorke Valley   Kayleigh Taylor Millicent

Reserves: Georgia Cheradin (Naracoorte), Sharni Rowland (Port Augusta), Frankie Traeger (Murray Bridge), Jasmin Sommerville (Riverland)

U15 boys
Group manager: Jen Dorrell
Assistant group manager: Tracey-Lee Konidaris
Mentor Coach: Matt Sutton

Magpies   Sharks
Jordan Robertson Coach   Haydon Sewell Coach
Ashlyn Menz Team Manager   Abigayle Mader Team Manager
Noah Brown Great Southern    Joshua Clifton Eastern Hills 
Alexander Curtis Riverland    Dillon Coathope Whyalla  
Oscar Graetz  Barossa   Blake Fidge Murray Bridge 
Darcy Minchella  Riverland    Joshua Holmes Mount Gambier
Trayson Pickett-Carbine  Port Lincoln    Austin McDonald Barossa
Louis Schell  Barossa    Oliver McInnes Naracoorte
Mitchell Searle  Port Augusta    Jack Sullivan Riverland
Jake Walker  Mount Gambier    Sam Thomson Naracoorte
Cameron Wallis  Strathalbyn    Thomas Welk Strathalbyn
Isaac Warhurst  Eastern Hills    Charlie Wyatt Eastern Hills

Reserves: Connor Knight (Yorke Valley), Benjamin Silver (Eastern Hills), Luke Wheare (Yorke Valley)

U15 girls
Group manager: Jen Dorrell
Assistant group manager: 
Tracey-Lee Konidaris

Magpies   Sharks
Hamish Price Coach   Mitchell Stanbury Coach
Tracey-Lee Konidaris Team Manager   Tia Bails Team Manager
Amber Aldridge Yorke Valley   Tara Bryant Mount Gambier 
Lucy Denton Millicent    Olivia Elsworthy  Yorke Valley 
Makinlee Futcher Millicent    Ashleigh Haigh  Riverland 
Layla Harris Eastern Hills    Tiah Hough  Eastern Hills 
Georgia Hoffman Whyalla    Hannah Neill  Whyalla 
Maria Konidaris Eastern Hills    Kassie Nikou  Riverland
Jordan Lynch Whyalla    Ashlea Perry  Whyalla
Taylor Moffat Eastern Hills    Bianca Stasinowsky  Riverland
Eliza Monger  Yorke Valley   Shelbi-Lee Sutcliffe  Barossa
Gabby Rodda  Whyalla   Georgia Winter  Millicent 

Reserves: Gemma Broadwood (Port Augusta), Saraya Mercer (Yorke Valley), Carla Payne (Whyalla), Ashlyn Schrapel (Barossa Valley)

U14 boys
Group manager:
 Henry Weiss

Sharks   Wombats
Malcolm Penno Coach   Ian Barham  Coach
Andrew McFee Asst. Coach      
Nicholas Lacey Team manager   Riley Merritt & Luke Black Team manager
William Barton Mount Gambier    Macey Eleftheriadis Riverland 
Jamie Baxter  Great Southern    Jack Gilbert Strathalbyn 
Brock Beeching  Strathalbyn    Tyas Humphreys  Barossa Valley 
Flynn Briggs  Yorke Valley    Ryan Kitchen  Willunga 
Griffyn Hansen  Yorke Valley    Zachary Nulty  Mount Gambier 
Alex Lilliecrapp  Mount Gambier    Ryan Pearce  Great Southern 
Ryan Pearsons  Great Southern    Ethan Pinnington  Port Lincoln 
Cooper Promnitz  Port Pirie    Ethan Sims  Port Pirie
Koby Rosenzweig  Barossa Valley    Cheylene Wanganeen  Yorke Valley 
Lochlan Thiele  Mount Gambier    Taj Wormald  Yorke Valley 
Darren Small Coach      
Max Scott Team manager      
Logan Barbary Strathalbyn       
Joel Bryant  Mount Gambier      
Makai Dornford  Barossa Valley       
Darrel Soka  Roxby Downs       
Rogan Kennedy  Riverland       
William McKay  Yorke Valley       
Nelson Riggs  Willunga       
Luke Villano  Eastern Hills       
Tyrese Wanganeen  Yorke Valley       
Benjamin Young  Mount Gamier       

Reserves: Judd Hansen (Riverland), Ryan Kirley (Yorke Valley), Cooper Laube (Murray Bridge), Kalan Shanks (Millicent), Cohen Tonkin (Broken Hill), Jace Wigzell (Yorke Valley)

U14 girls

Group manager: Mandii Seidel
Asst. Group Manager: Steph Penno

Sharks   Wombats
Glenn Mathieson
Coach   Jason Begelhole  Coach
Lauren Ross Team manager   Claudia Hatcher Team manager
Zali Beattie  Broken Hill    Tia Dahlitz  Riverland 
Timeka Cox Port Pirie   Sophia Dvorak  Eastern Hills 
Olivia Bradley  Eastern Hills    Sophie Glamuzina  Port Augusta 
Abbie Cawse  Riverland    Lacey Haines Millicent
Tahlia Dillon Riverland   Chloe Harding Naracoorte
Cedar Napier Yorke Valley   Jada Hill Port Pirie
Lauren Penney Eastern Hills   Jemma Kavanagh Naracoorte
Rachael Sommerville Great Southern   Ashleigh McKenna Port Augusta
Mykaela Walker Naracoorte   Portia McRae  Millicent 
Maci Wilsdon  Port Augusta    Emmy Roach  Eastern Hills 
Benjamin MacCulloch Coach      
Breanna Garrigan Asst. Coach      
Tasmyn Biddell Team manager      
Scarlett Cocks Murray Bridge       
Eliza Corbin  Naracoorte       
Alyssa Duncan  Mount Gambier       
Paige Lucas  Millicent       
Asha Marshall  Eastern Hills       
Marley Minchella  Riverland       
Rori Perryman  Mount Gambier       
Alara Spirat  Whyalla       
Rebekah Wagenknecht  Murray Bridge       
Amelie Webb  Willunga       

Reserves: Charlotte Durward (Great Southern), Tayla Rowe (Millicent), Jazmin Catanzariti (Murray Bridge), Stephanie Formby (Strathalbyn), Mia Dowling (Bordertown), Maiya Rice (Riverland), Madeline Sharp (Eastern Hills), Shannon Thompson (Port Augusta)

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