The National Intensive Training Program (NITP) is South Australia’s premier junior development program, and is closely aligned to Basketball Australia’s Centre of Excellence.

The program applies national coaching concepts, and focuses on improving fitness, health, skills and knowledge. Players are required to be self-motivated, dedicated, and train at high intensity to improve their basketball performance. Players aged 14 to 17 (as a guideline) who demonstrate the greatest potential to become elite basketball players at state and national level are selected in Emerging and Elite squads.

The program is run in partnership with the University of South Australia (School of Health Sciences) from February to October, and is based at Titanium Security Arena (Central) and Tenison Woods College (South)

Please see below for the 2017 NITP squads:


South     Central  
Name Association   Name Association
Jordyn Adams Mount Gambier   Ashlee Witke Riverland
Emily Close Mount Gambier   Emily O'Driscoll Strathalbyn
Emily Dawe Mount Gambier   Erin Hoare Yorke Valley
Jordan Freeman Mount Gambier   Georgie Pedlar Eastern Hills
Madisyn Freeman Mount Gambier   Ilea Frensch Yorke Valley
Maddison Haggett Millicent   Jaida Tabb Yorke Valley
Sarah Nulty Mount Gambier   Jaimi Tabb Yorke Valley
Keryl Ousey Mount Gambier   Jorja Dewhurst Strathalbyn
Olivia Slattery Naracoorte   Kaylah Schultz Murray Bridge
Isabella Stratford Mount Gambier   Kiara Paech Murray Bridge
Gabriella van Rijn Naracoorte   Laura Richardson Barossa Valley
      Molly Coleman Yorke Valley
      Montana Briggs Yorke Valley
      Olivia Elsworthy Yorke Valley
      Taylor Moffat Eastern Hills
      Tia Bails Whyalla
      Zali Grosser Bordertown
Jorja Eldridge Whyalla      


South     Central  
Name Association   Name Association
Oscar Adams Mount Gambier   Charlie Adams Yorkek Valley
Lachlan Atkinson Naracoorte   Oliver Brunton Willunga
Matthew Black Naracoorte   Mason Graetz Barossa Valley
Oscar Clarke Naracoorte   Oliver Grivell Eastern Hills
Mitchell Hunter Mount Gambier   Marshall Howe Eastern Hills
Joshua McGregor Mount Gambier   Zane Lueth Riverland
Harry McInnes Naracoorte   Austin Macdonald Barossa Valley
Duncan Reid Mount Gambier   Luke McCauley Yorke Valley
Conall Schultz Millicent   Hamish Mosey Barossa Valley
Oliver Thomson Mount Gambier   Stuart Scott Great Southern
Sam Thomson Naracoorte   Daniel Smith Great Southern
Reagan Tink Bordertown   Louis Schell Barossa Valley
      Riley Stasinowsky Riverland
      Brock Thomson Yorke Valley
      Mitch Wellington Riverland
      Orlando Zohar Eastern Hills
      Eddie Bell Strathalbyn

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