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How is SA Country Governed?

The layers of Governance for SA Country are:

  • SA Country Council – affiliated Associations have one representative each on the Council and meet once per annum (AGM).
  • SA Country Council Executive – office bearers (President, Vice President(s) – up to 3, Treasurer, 10 Regional Supervisors (representative of regions) and 1 representative of SA Country Officials Association). Who these people are and which area they represent is on our website here.
  • SA Country Executive Officer – this position is charged with managing the operations and staff of SA Country within budgets and policies established by the Council Executive and approved (where applicable) by the Council.

How often are meetings held?

The Council Executive meet 4 times per year (traditionally in November, February, May and July) plus they are all present at the AGM. Prior to each meeting we distribute a notice to all Associations and provide the opportunity for them to have matters added to the agenda for discussion. Guests are able to attend on invitation of the President; however we encourage Associations to utilise their Regional Supervisor to represent them on issues that matter to an Association.

What programs are administered?

We are in the process of reinventing significant portions of our program following a staffing restructure late last year. There are development events, trials and trainings for age groups U13-18 that we manage. Our website has information on these events and we distribute to all Associations regularly. This year, our U12/13 TI Camps are in September/October and our trials for Development teams are in October/November.

Following training in December, our U14, 15, 16 & 18 teams will participate in development tournaments in Victoria and New South Wales in January 2015. Our U13 teams will participate in a tournament in South Australia in April.

Following these programs, our State teams will participate in Ballarat, Victoria in April (U18) and Ulverstone, Tasmania in July (U16).

How are the programs administered?

We facilitate the program through country Associations, with our staff visiting and providing coach and athlete development activities.

We have 3 staff involved in the process. The State High Performance Manager is a shared staff member with Basketball SA and is accountable to our program. SHPM reports to the SA Country Executive Officer through a joint management committee with representatives of SA Country and Basketball SA. We also have 2 Player and Coach Development Officer (one North, one South) who assist with the operations of our program. We also appoint coaches who are heavily involved in the selection of athletes.

As well as the Development/High Performance program they conduct participation activities in country Associations. This can be anything from school clinics to skills days/nights/camps in your own stadium. We also provide access to the Aussie Hoops program for 5-8 year olds, a national program owned by Basketball Australia. In addition, most country Associations conduct extra activities in schools to promote the game. Additionally there are coach and official development courses we conduct.

What is the source of income?

SA Country has 2 main sources of income. We receive funding from Office for Recreation and Sport via Basketball SA for participation activities. The majority of our funding then comes from affiliation fees. A significant proportion of these fees are passed on to Basketball SA, Basketball Australia and Insurance, the balance being used to fund our operations. We make a small profit from Country Championships and Talent ID Camps. The balance of our income is essentially cost recovery for the development and state programs, paid for by the participants.

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