How do I start?
It’s as simple as a phone call or e-mail. Contact our office or Director of Referees for more information. You’ll attend an Entry level course (Level 1) for new Referees. Once the course is complete you are then an accredited (NRAS) touch football referee, nationally recognised. Qualified Touch Football Australia Referee Coaches within our club and region are there to assist you with the next step in your development. 


Benefits and Opportunities of becoming a Referee:

  • Health and fitness and your personal wellbeing 
  • Meet new people not only in our club but throughout Australia.
  • Be involved at a level that suits you.
  • Travel to different parts of NSW for tournaments
  • Overseas travel to International events.
  • Referee exchanges with other countries.
  • Personal satisfaction with achieving your own goals
  • Being part of one of the fastest growing sports
  • Be part of our Touch family


Give something back to the game:

  • Finished playing but still want to be involved
  • Don’t want to sit on the couch
  • Want to be involved with a dedicated group of volunteers
  • Involvement to suit you and your needs
  • Be involved with our fast growing youth section.
  • Career pathway available to everyone
  • Gain personal satisfaction by being involved


Doyalson Touch Football Association offer payment for dedicated referees of all levels.


More Information

To understand more about the touch football refereeing accreditation system, please visit these usueful links;

Touch Football Australia Referees Website

NSW Touch Football Referees Website

NSW Touch Football Referees Facebook Page

Hornets (Hunter/Western NSW) Regional Touch Website


Get Involved

To become a referee or for further enquiries, please contact the Doyalson Touch Football Association Office.

Click on the 'Contact Us' page.

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