Looking to get more involved in Basketball. Marion is looking for people to join our Referee fraternity:


Court Supervisors

The position will now take on more of an administrative role, while also including management of referees in the stadium.

Rostering will be done in consultation with the venue’s Referee Coordinator, applications for which are still open. Click here for more information and to apply.

The Court Supervisor position, and before that Umpire in Charge has always been a referee or someone with a refereeing background. In reality while referee supervision was an important part of the tasks expected of this person, it also included many duties outside of refereeing. Therefore we will be opening the positions up to all interested parties (as we have the Referee Coordinator).

The Referee Coordinator and Court Supervisor will be supported by Referee Coaches whom will be brought in to educate referees at all local levels (Domestic, Miniball, Social, and lower level Senior, Youth & Junior District).

We believe this separation of duties will mean all involved will be more focused and perform tasks at a higher level than is currently possible as Court Supervisors simply have too many duties to undertake.

If you are interested in becoming a Court Supervisor for the first time please contact Daniel Hughes at



Marion Stadium is looking for Basketball referees.  If you are interested in some extra spending money or keen to be more involved with basketball then this is for you.  Miniball (from 3:45-6pm Monday to Friday) is open to all referees, no experience is necessary and on-the-job training is provided.  If you are already a accredited umpire then we are also looking for referees for our Social Basketball competitions (Monday and Thursday 6pm-11pm). If you are interested please contact the Stadium Manager on 8296 5832 or via email There is a lot of flexibility and we can fit you in at times that suit you best.