Miniball is a Basketball South Australia operated, after school recreational basketball program for Primary School students. Emphasis is on participation, fun and the learning of new skills.

Pasadena Sports Centre runs the Miniball competition in conjunction with Marion Basketball Stadium. Marion is the main venue for Miniball with Pasadena used as the overflow.

Competitions Currently Offered (in conjunction with Marion Basketball Stadium):






 6/7 Boys

4/5 Boys 

2/3 & 3/4 Boys 

5/6 Boys 

1/2 Mixed

6/7 Girls

4/5 Girls

2/3 & 3/4 Girls

5/6 Girls


Cost: $5.00 per player per game for 28 minute games. Spectators are free.
Games are 28 minutes and run between the times of 3:45pm-6pm


In most cases referees will be Primary school or Junior High school students. Many are also learning to officiate and you will notice that most referees will be wearing the bright green shirt. We have a Zero Tolerance Policy when it comes to verbally criticising the referees. All officiating issues must be directed to the Umpire in Charge on the day.

Some Minor variations are made to the FIBA rules to suit the different age groups playing:
- No Timeouts or substitutions in the last 2 minutes for all grades
- Penalty shooting line varies dependant on the grade
- No 3 point shots count in Miniball
- No overtime is played in the case of a draw
- Teams must play man to man defence - NO ZONES.

Mercy Rule:
When a team is 10 points ahead they must go inside the 3 point arc when the opposition has the ball in their back court. Players must wait inside the 3 point arc until the BALL is over the half court line. Once the ball is over the half court line, they may come out and defend a player each. Teams will be penalised 2 points for repeated offences.

In general there are no forfeits in Miniball as the referees will always try to arrange a scratch match. It is always advisable to notify the Stadium Manager if your team can not attend for any reason. Teams notifying on the day make it difficult to inform the other team as parents and teachers have already made arrangements for that day re collecting children etc.

To assist with the operation of the Miniball Program you are advised to sit on the spectator seating and not on the team players bench unless you are the coach or the Team Manager. Players should not be sitting on the floor in front of their team bench. Parents are also urged to control the behaviour of any siblings not playing. Sitting too close or running around the courts will obstruct the referees and may reduce your child's playing time as the referees deal with these off court issues.


On days when the forecast maximum temperature as published in The Advertiser that day is 35 degrees or higher, all miniball games will be cancelled.




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Social Men's, Women's & Mixed Basketball Teams.

Referees for miniball and social competitions.

For more information, contact Daniel Hughes, Stadium Manager on 8374 4818.

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