The Inclusive Basketball Program (IBP) is a basketball competition that provides playing opportunities for players with an intellectual disability or integration difficulty. 

The Pasadena Sports Centre is home to one of the most successful IBP competitions in the state. Offering two divisions, division 1 and division 2, this program caters for the beginner through to top level Ivor Burge state players.  The popularity of the IBP competition has grown so much in its 10 year history that in 2010 the division 1 program has had to expand to 6 teams.

With the wide range of abilities in our members we need to ensure that all of our members are constantly challenged and supported according to their different needs. Therefore they are placed in particular teams to provide a balanced competition, to promote personal basketball skills development, leadership skills and social skills.

Who is the Inclusive Basketball Program for? 

-       Males and females
-       Open age (over 13 years old)
-       Beginners or more advanced / experienced players
-       People with an Intellectual or Physical Disability
-       People with Learning and Integration difficulties
-       People who have Special Needs

Division 1: Every Monday of the school term at 6:00pm

Consists mainly of experienced players, the majority being male participants
-       The rules in this division are no different to mainstream basketball
-       Competition is very fast and highly competitive

Division 2: Every Monday of the school term at 5.10pm

For beginners or younger players
-       Most of the females within the IBP play in this division
-       The rules are flexible depending on the individual's skill level
-       Still being competitive, this division provides lots of fun, friendship and enjoyment

In addition, the IBP provides opportunities for more experienced and skilled players to compete at local District level and at National Level at the Ivor Burge Championships.

The fixture for the IBP competition can be found here.

Click here for the IBP Hot Weather Policy. 

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For further information on the IBP Program at the Pasadena Sports Centre, contact Danny O’Brien on (08) 8345 8605.

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