Junior Operations Group

Junior Operations Group

Junior Operations Group (JOG) is responsible for the Management of the Junior Section of the Club. This includes areas such as Player Development, Coaching Appointments, Coaching Development, Training Rosters, Resources etc.

The Junior Operations Group are persons within the club who have specifically been selected as having the necessary experience and skill set from years of administration, coaching and playing at the highest level to oversee the junior program.

The Junior operations Group members currently are - 

David Durant - Vice President Basketball
Barry Mansfield
John Della Pia
Kevin Rock
Jason Smith

The Age Group Liaison Officers (AGLO) are the communication thread between JOG and coaches, players and parents. They are the point of contact for communication concerning administration or any issues that need to be referred to JOG.

The first point of contact however should always be your Team Manager/Coach and then the AGLO for your age group if the coach or manager cannot provide a solution.

Age Group Liaison Officers currently are -

U10 Boys & Girls
Kevin Rock
Phone: 0401 992 657
Email: rockkevin6@gmail.com

U12 Boys & Girls
Coreen Taylor
Phone: 0438 395 331
Email: corby08@bigpond.net.au

U14 Boys & Girls
Scott Kelly
Phone: 0411 254 535
Email: kelly4gang@gmail.com

U16 Boys & Girls
Tayla Corrigan
Phone: 0490 471 797
Email: admin@nabc-rockets.club

U18 Boys & Girls
Barb Rowe
Phone: 0411 280 453
Email: barbannrowe@bigpond.com

U23 Youth League Men
Ray Girvin
Phone: 0412 162 955
Email: rgirvin@bigpond.net.au

U23 Youth League Women
Susan Clegg
Phone: 0422 059 900
Email: susan.clegg@optusnet.com.au

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