Player classification

The classification of wheelchair basketball players has evolved significantly over the past 15 years. Wheelchair basketball classification is based on the players' functional capacity to complete the skills necessary to play - pushing, pivoting, shooting, rebounding, dribbling, passing and catching.

It is not an assessment of a player's level of skill, merely their functional capacity to complete the task. Players are assigned points as their classification - 1, 2, 3, and 4 are the recognized classes, with 0.5 classes between for the exceptional cases which do not fit exactly into one class, and the 4.5 category for the player with least or minimal disability.

Classes are defined according to players' "volume of action". Each class has a clearly defined maximal volume of action, which the player may exhibit. Players are observed in their competition wheelchairs, complete with all strapping they will use, but in a training situation before the tournament commences. From this initial observation a player is assigned a class with which they will begin the tournament. The player is then observed in an actual competition game, at which time their classification will be confirmed or modified if the classification panel feels it is necessary.

The total number of points allowed on court at any time is 14.0. That is, the total points of all five players actually playing. If a coach allows the team to have over 14.0 points, they will incur a coach technical foul.

The players have been grouped according to their classification below:

Players Classified as 1.0                                                 

1) Damon Fent

2) Joshua Allison

3) Anthea Castelli

4) Ashley James

5) Clare Nott

6) Corey Lawton

7) Ben Meoli

8) Benjamin Smith

9) Ella Sabljak

10) Sarah Vinci

11) Michael Hartnett

12) Tige Simmons

13) Darren Hayes

14) Sam White

15) Jannik Blair

16) Rhys Baxter

17) Hannah Dodd


Players Classified as 1.5

1) Jeremy Tyndall

2) Andrew Liddawi

3) Colin Smith

4) Matthew McShane 

5) Timothy Markcrow

6) Yarra Ryan


Players Classified as 2.0 

1) Michael D'Amelio

2) Nick Taylor

3) Tony Wade

4) Jay Dohnt 

5) Kylie Gauci

6) Richard Engles


Players Classified as 2.5 

1) Derek Richards

2) Dianne Cowen

3) Georgia Inglis

4) Kayl Jeffrey

5) Roderick Mcpherson

6) Luke Pople

7) Josh Meoli


Players Classified as 3.0 

1) Andrew Drewberry

2) Kim Robins

3) Shaun Norris

4) Jason Holohan

5) Thomas Holland

6) Tom O'Neill-Thorne

7) Jake Kavanaugh

8) Sarah Stewart 


Players Classified as 3.5

1) Daniel Del Toso 

2) Bradley Fisher

3) Daniel Anstey

4) Maxx Darby

5) Nicholas Radovic

6) Kurt Thomson

7) Jess Cronje


Players Classified as 4.0

1) Brian Carminati

2) Adam Deans

3) Clarence McCarthy-Grogan

4) Bill Latham

5) Phil Turner

6) Shawn Russell 

7) Tristan Knowles

8) Steven Elliott

9) Jordan Bartley

10) Jake Fullwood

12) Brett Stibners

13) Michael Auprince

14) Rob Pike

15) Kathleen O'Kelly-Kennedy


Players Classified as 4.5 

1) Amber Merritt

2) Chihiro Kitada

3) Andrew Tarrant

4) Brad Ness

5) Anderson Parker 

6) Darren Skuse

7) Thomas McHugh

8) Georgia Munro-Cook


Please see sheets below for more specific information on classification in disability sport and an expression of interest form to become a classifier.


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