The Wellington Soccer Association was formed on the 12th March, 1890, although it's first management Committee was not elected until 1908.

Some interesting pieces from the past:

5 June 1879
First match under lights at the Basin Reserve (Click here)

31 August, 1912
3rd Division Reps v Shannon. Only 1 person in attendance owing to weather conditions

27 June, 1925
(Evening Post) There are 187 senior players in Wellington. There are 7 Senior A teams and 9 Senior B Teams

June 3, 1922
Wellington becomes the first team to defeat Australia when they win 3-0 at Basin Reserve in front of 4,000 spectators. George Campbell, who was to become the New Zealand captain, William Thomas and J. Gilbertson scoring the goals on the day. The weather was considered the worst in Wellington that year which just said something about the 4,000 who braved the wind, rain and cold.

June 24, 1922
New Zealand and Australia draw 1-1 at Basin Reserve in front of over 12,000 spectators in the second of a three Test series. This was the first Australian International team to play soccer.

15 September, 1928
(Evening Post) Wellington Rep team had one Selector, rather than 3 as in the past

17 August, 1929
(Evening Post) WFA upset that most trophies still not returned by Clubs (Still applies in 1999)

19 August, 1929
(Evening Post) Interesting article on the WFA not letting Referees, with glasses, referee Ist Division matches. (If you talk to our players today, they would probably insist on referees, at all levels, wearing glasses)

9 September, 1933
(Evening Post) WFA not happy with 1st Division format and thinks it needs a revamp - exact copy of our recent Executive meeting in 1999.

15 June, 1936
Selectors criticised over naming of Wellington team to play Australia. The critics must have known something - Australia
won 9 - 1.

22 August, 1936
(Evening Post) WFA to get Soccer in Secondary Schools. Already in Primary Schools

21 September, 1939
(Evening Post) Petone and Waterside finish equal on points in the 1st Division. Petone threatens to disband unless it was given the Championship. WFA awards the title to Petone on goal average.

24th April 1958,
NZFA suspend's the WFA on financial matters.
The previous year FK Austria played in NZ, including a game at Athletic Park on 7th June against NZ. After the game the WFA deducted 75 pounds ($150) from the NZFA gate takings for "basic rent". The NZFA threaten to suspend WFA if payment of the money is not returned by 24th April 1958. Both the Seatoun and Marist clubs, ask the WFA to pay back the money and then go to arbitration to get the money back.

sportspost 10 may 58

21 May, 1965
Advertisement in paper. BOAC Blackpool v Sheffield. Curtain-raiser Diamonds v Stop Out.

25 July, 1968
(Dominion) Criticism of the Basin Reserve lights - "No lights would be just as good as what there was last night"

WFA (Wellington Football Association) changes name to WSA (Wellington Soccer Association)

Former radio commentator, soccer and cricket identity Trevor Rigby, who could make the dullest national soccer league match sound interesting, recently made a refereeing comeback in the most bizarre circumstances. A Rongotai College man from way back, Rigby turned up to watch a second grade youth soccer match against Wellington College to find no referee and no parents able to control the game. It was a situation Rigby, a great supporter of schools sport, would have relished in the past.

Unfortunately, he has recently undergome heart surgery and explained that the only way he could help out was if the teams agreed to him refereeing while standing in the centre circle.

No problem they said, but by half time Rigby was feeling tired - "the mental strain" as he put it.Determined that the boys game would not be spoilt, Rigby got some step ladders and controlled the second half while sitting atop them in the centre circle. Well done Trevor (Russell Grey - Dominion - 16/8/95)

April 1998
200 Senior teams (men and women) and 501 Junior teams (Under 17) affiliated to this Association

May 1999
Federations are the result of a long overdue effort by New Zealand Soccer to put a structure into the game that allows it to grow and deliver more value to its stakeholders.

There are now seven Federations (we are Federation five), whereas previously there were 23 District Associations.Federations will be responsible for carrying out the planned vision of New Zealand Soccer.
Capital Soccer was incorporate as one of the above federations on 29-11-2000

July 2000
Wellington Soccer has announced that it is not scheduling any games for Wellington Divisions 1 to 12 and Masters on Saturday 5th August – the day of the Bledisloe Test Match at Westpac Stadium. This would allow Wellington’s 2,500 players and Referees normally involved in these grades to go to the game or watch it on TV.

Manager Graeme Sole said the move recognised that the Rugby Test match was a special event.