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Volunteer Management: Ensure you know how to recruit, reward, and retain your valuable volunteers. Please click here for more information 


Club Planning: Plan for success with advice on how to prepare, create, develop and implement a successful management plan. Please click here


Marketing: Promote and grow your club with advice on basic marketing, attracting sponsors, grants, publicity and fundraising. Please click here


Administration: Get tips on the daily business of running a footy club, from the role of the secretary to how to run constructive meetings. Please click here


Club Structure: Learn how to start a club, your legal responsibilities, the committee's structure, roles and responsibilities and develop good relations with your local council. Please click here


Club Policies & Guidelines: From AFL Kids First to Codes of Conduct to Working with Children, get the policies you'll need to set clear club guidelines. Please click here 


Finance: Learn how to responsibly operate your club's finances, from the role of the treasurer to preparing budgets, reports, audits and taxes. Please click here


Risk Management: From creating a policy, to identifying, analysing and minimising risk, prepare your club to successfully manage potential risks. Please click here


Insurance: Be aware about the types of insurance your club will need as part of its risk management strategy. Please click here


Download corresponding AFL Club Management Program Manuals:

These manuals were developed by the AFL, in conjunction with the Australian Sports Commission and extensive research with the community club network, to support and educate club administrators.

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