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The AFLBJ Ground Marshall Training and Accredition is an online educational resource for Ground Marshall's.  The most important off-field volunteer role, the Ground Marshall's role is essential in maintaining a positive match day environment and ensuring the day runs smoothly.  Any adult can undertake the role and with the help of our online resource, will enjoy positively contributing to junior AFL.

Across the league, club presidents have been calling for greater education and support of volunteer Ground Marshalls.  

It is unanimous that the coach is the most important ‘on field’ role on match days, due to their influence over the players, parents, officials and greater environment.

Building onto this, we believe that the Ground Marshall role (junior / youth grades), is the most important ‘off field’ role due to its ability to manage our match days environments to ensure a positive, family friendly environment.


The Ground Marshall is a simple role and can easily be undertaken by adult volunteers. However it is very important that the Ground Marshall is well aware of their responsibilities.  AFL Brisbane Juniors will be providing annual Ground Marshall training sessions. In addition, we have developed a video resource to provide basic training and education of the role.


The video outlines the key roles, skills and approaches to undertaking this critical role.  Having watched this video, volunteers can undertake the role with greater confidence and an improved ability to provide the best environment for our children.  


Welcome to AFL Brisbane Juniors Ground Marshall Training. Thank you for positivity contributing to junior AFL.

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