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SportingPulse through FIBA organiser are providing us with our competition management, facilitating the posting of comprehensive results and information to the website. So whether you are a relative or friend of a competitor, media outlet or basketball enthusiast, you will find anything you need to know about the Australian Junior Country Cup for each year right here.

The latest developments to Sportzware Websites allows "Country Cup" to connect directly with mySport members as part of myCommunity. Join MySport at www.sportingpulse.com.

myCommunity will become a 'social network' of players, past players, coaches, staff, supporters and friends from all over the world. When members join they can also choose to receive communications from "Country Cup", which will be sent through the Sportzware Website's Communicator function. This is a great way for the "Country Cup" administrators to get to know and communicate with your website visitors and for your members to keep up to date with your "Country Cup" news.

A guide to the website information:

Full results At the completion of each round the competition information will be sent to the website for display. By clicking on the fixtures/results/ladders navigation items you will find all competitions listed where information can be accessed. At the results level you can also "click on details" on the far right hand side of the table, which will reveal the quarter by quarter scores and individual point scorers for each match. This data will be stored in a database so that cummulative comparisons can be made between and within teams.

Player profiles
Each competing team have their own website created for them and accessed by clicking on the team you want in the fixture or results table.

Explaining Membership
By joining mysport / mycommunity , you may be surprised you can register your interest with a particular team and access it immediately, any future times you visit mysport, without having to go through information you don't need to access. You also have the option of registering for an email to let you know when your team is playing and when the competition data for your team has been updated.

Cup Calendar / Cup Contacts
This has all events for the carnival in it and should be referred to for event details. E-mail and phone contacts iare provide n case of emergency or if you need more information.

Cup news
We are hoping to keep our members up to date with the latest news of the "Country Cup". Close matches, shots on the siren to win matches and off court.


We are interested in your feedback and encourage you to let us know what you think about our coverage of the competition. This is an exciting week for Australia's elite junior country basketballers, and they deserve all the publicity we can give them.

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