List of Victorian Accredited Coaches

Below is a list of Nationally Accredited Coaches registered with Fencing Victoria. All other coaches working with Fencing Victoria Affiliated Clubs MUST be under the supervision of a Registered, Fully Affiliated Coach, listed below, of Level 1 or higher. Trainees must also be under the supervision of a Level 1, or above, coach. 

Name   Weapon Level
Sher, Vladimir  HPP National Coach Epee Level 3
Leeuwenburgh, Pieter  HPP Assistant National Coach Epee Level 3
Hick, Christopher   Epee Level 3
Mihailescu, Nicolae   Epee Level 3
Smith, Helen   Epee Level 3
Bacon, Nigel   Epee Level 2
Guo, Song   Epee Level 2
Wen, Yiwei   Epee Level 2
Adams, Gerard   Epee Level 1
Arnold, Scott   Epee Level 1
Dunstan, Brook   Epee Level 1
Hill, Tristan   Epee Level 1
Hunter, Alexander   Epee Level 1
Lewith, Rudolf   Epee Level 1
Meddings, Jonathan   Epee Level 1
Plant, Trevor    Epee Level 1
Snelling, Anthony   Epee Level 1
Wellings, Elli   Epee Level 1
Davis, Tim   Epee Level 1 (G)
Fitzgerald, Ned   Epee Level 1 (G)
Lagergren, Lisa   Epee Level 1 (G)
Halys, Karina   Epee Level 0
Holderness-Roddam, Avery   Epee Level 0
Wilks, Victoria    Epee Trainee
Di Pasquale, Robert HPP Assistant National Coach Foil Level 3

Hick, Christopher

  Foil Level 3
Leeuwenburgh, Pieter   Foil Level 3
Sher, Vladimir   Foil Level 3
Smith, Helen   Foil Level 3
Danilov, Aleksey HPP Assistant National Coach Foil Level 2
Dunstan, Brook   Foil Level 2
Guo, Song   Foil Level 2
Snelling, Anthony   Foil Level 2
Wellings, Elli   Foil Level 2
Wen, Yiwei   Foil Level 2
Zhu, Yu   Foil Level 2
Bacon, Nigel   Foil Level 1
Breeland-Clencie, Warren   Foil Level 1
Dobson-Block, Angela   Foil Level 1
Fitzgerald, Ned   Foil Level 1
Halys, Karina   Foil Level 1
Huang, Zhen(Harry)   Foil Level 1
Jones, Chris   Foil Level 1
Lagergren, Lisa   Foil Level 1
Lewith, Rudolf   Foil Level 1
MacCuspie, Jasper   Foil Level 1
maclean, peter   Foil Level 1
Marotta, Emily   Foil Level 1
Panizo, Mauricio   Foil Level 1
safar, saleh   Foil Level 1
Webber, Lucas   Foil Level 1
Wong, Michelle   Foil Level 1
Davis, Tim   Foil  Level 1 (G)
Fittall, Caroline  
Level 0
Fitzgerald, Edward   Foil Level 0
Jewell, David  
Level 0
Breeland-Clencie, Blake   Foil Trainee
Dinsdale, Peter   Foil Trainee
Doser, Annette   Foil Trainee
Foster, Matt   Foil Trainee
Kalinowski, Andrew   Foil Trainee
Leung, Alex   Foil Trainee
Mentor, Victoria   Foil Trainee
Hick, Christopher   Sabre Level 3
Leeuwenburgh, Pieter   Sabre Level 3
Sher, Vladimir   Sabre Level 3
Smith, Helen   Sabre Level 3
Guo, Song   Sabre Level 2
Snelling, Anthony   Sabre Level 2
Davis, Tim   Sabre Level 1
Di Pasquale, Robert   Sabre Level 1
Lagergren, Lisa   Sabre Level 1
Lewith, Rudolf   Sabre Level 1
Fitzgerald, Ned   Sabre Level 1 (G)

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