Member Protection Policy

Fencing Victoria's Member Protection Policy Overview

The Fencing Victoria's Member Protection Policy (MPP) aims to ensure our core values, good reputation and positive behaviours and attitudes are maintained. It assists us in ensuring that every person involved in our sport is treated with respect and dignity, and is safe and protected from harassment, discrimination, bullying, abuse and other unfair or inappropriate conduct. It also reflects our commitment to and the implementation of the sport industry principles and values outlined in The Essence of Australian Sport - principles of fairness, respect, responsibility and safety.

It is essential that everyone involved in our sport is not only aware of their rights but also their responsibilities. Our policy includes;

·          Our position on Anti-Discrimination and Harassment. Harassment and discrimination based on certain personal characteristics is prohibited not only because such conduct may be illegal throughout Australia, but because such behaviour can be distressing, humiliating or threatening and creates an uncomfortable sporting environment for all involved.

·          Our position on Child Protection. We place particular importance on the safety and welfare of children within the sport and require strict adherence to child protection legislation, where applicable.  Any form of abuse against children, not only physical abuse, is prohibited and the onus is on all within our sport to not only conduct themselves appropriately with children, but to make known to FV any instances of suspected child abuse so it can be dealt with quickly and, where necessary, reported to the relevant authorities.  The Child Protection section of our policy sets out the necessary police checks, screening processes and reporting procedures required by law for staff, members and volunteers in our sport.

·          A confidential, quick and easy to use complaints procedure which is available to anyone who feels they have experienced inappropriate behaviour.  All complaints will be treated seriously, with the aim of assisting the parties resolve the complaint by discussion and agreement. Where this is not possible, an independent mediator may be called in to assist the parties try and resolve the matter.

·          FV's Codes of Conduct that everyone must abide by. The Codes outlines FV's expectations of appropriate and ethical conduct and clearly defines inappropriate behaviours such as discrimination, harassment, child abuse, bullying, inappropriate relationships, etc that will not be tolerated.

·          Official forms used for reporting and documenting issues covered in our policy.

FV will take disciplinary action against any person or organisation found to have breached this policy or who makes vexatious, false or malicious allegations.

It is important to note that this MPP is only one step in ensuring the protection of members and providing an enjoyable and welcoming sporting environment.

This summary is not intended as a substitute for reading the policy. Everyone involved in fencing should familiarise themselves with the policy and, in particular, the types of conduct referred to in the relevant sections so as to minimise the risk of inadvertent breaches of the policy. Coaches in particular should also familiarise themselves with the relevant anti-discrimination and child protection legislation in their State or Territory and, where necessary, obtain appropriately qualified legal advice.

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