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Compulsory Information Sessions for U15/U17 & U20 Aged Group National Competitions

Sunday 5th March 2017 between 8.30 and 9.30am, State Fencing Centre - This session is for fencers who wish to compete at Aged National Championships in 2017. The session is also recommended for all U9/U11 & U13's competing in the Minime Circuit this year. There will also be a Second hand Gear Salemore

2017 Level 1 Coaching Course


2017 Club Referee Training Program - Sunday April 9th

The Referee training program will be free for registered members of Star Clubs. Clubs are encouraged to send their fencers to this course.more

Old Fencing Victoria Light Towers

There are some old Fencing Victoria Light Towers available to interested clubs. A picture is attached.more

Arnold Classic Australia 17-19 March 2017

Fencing Victoria will again be taking part in the Arnold Classic. In 2017 we have 2 areas - One in the Kids Expo area, where kids try a range of sports for free. The other is where the Martial Arts have had their competitions in previous years. Fencing Victoria is putting together an organising sub-committee, if you are able to help in anyway, please contact Kayt Spano(clubliaison@fencingvictoria)more

2017 Affiliation Fees Now Due For Payment

Affiliation Fees can now be paid via the Transaction Portal. Please note - Those wishing to Upgrade to Full Affiliation from Club/School Affiliation must select 'Full Affiliation' and then select either Junior or Senior Level Full Affiliation. If you have any questions or experience any difficulties, please contact communication@fencingvictoria.orgmore

State Fencing Centre

The State Fencing Centre should be respected by all fencers who use it. It should be kept clean and any damage should be reported so that it can be kept operational for all.more

Age National Championships Documents (U15, U17 & U20)

2016 Fencing Victoria Selection Criteria – Age National Championships
Codes of Behaviour
Team Member Agreements for U15/U17(Cadet)NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS 2016 and U20(Juniors)NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS 2016more

New Entry Points For Transactions

Please note there is now an Entry Point for Affiliations/Courses Registration, and another Entry Point for Competitions/Epee Squad Registration. All transactions through the Competitions/Epee Squad Registration Portal must be paid for by Credit Cards at the time Registration.more

Club Help Information- Club Health Check

The Australian Sports Commission and Leisure Networks now have free information to help sporting clubs become more productive and access information they may need in the general running of a successful club.more

New Competition Protective Clothing Requirements

Attached is a table of Protective Clothing Requirement for State Tournaments which will take effect as of the 10th April 2015.more

Fencing Victoria Epee Mask Requirements

Fencers are required to wear an Epee mask with a non-conductive bib for all Epee competitions (Category 1 and 2).more

Fencing Victoria Phone App. for i-phones

There is now a Fencing Victoria Phone App. that can be downloaded onto i-phones.more

FIE Rule Interpretation

FV have had inquiries about the penalties to be applied to rule t63.3 and the scope of brutality in Epee. The rule itself is open to interpretation so FV have asked for David Mok's, Stephen Darragh's, and David Baker's(all are FIE referees)opinion on it. The attachment is a summary of their opinion on the penalties to be applied for t63.3 & also a summary on the current standing of Corps a corps.more


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