Mercy Rule

KNTFL Junior Football: Mercy Rule

The mercy rule is to be made mandatory in both junior and senior colts games.

Once a team has a lead of 10 goals, or 60 points, after half time (one half a game of football constitutes a result), the timekeeper will sound the siren three times signalling the game has ended.

Both coaches will then have three minutes to even the sides up, to the best of their ability, for the betterment of all players from both sides.

The scoring and recording of goalkickers will cease and the field umpires are to decide their best players but keep in mind any misdemeanours for the rest of the match.

Note: Any player that plays for another team, when their team has a BYE, will not be eligible for league medal votes.

The winning team will only be credited with a 60 point win regardless of the final score.

When the mercy rule is invoked, both coaches MUST then do their best to mix the teams in a sportsmanlike manner to ensure an even contest.

If this is not done, at the discretion of the KNTFL Junior Board

  • the points may be forfeited ... or ...
  • the club fined ... or ...
  • the match official may face suspension

The KNTFL Junior Board ask that the board members, or their proxy, monitor the game for the best outcome for football.

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