Keith Thompson Award

Keith Thompson Medal

Keith Thompson

The Keith Thompson Medal was started in 2007 in memory of Keith Thompson who passed away on 9th November 2006. 

Keith Thompson held the position as Commissioner of the NEMJFA for a number of years and administered the Best CLub Award. 

He was a member of Para Hills, Broadview and Pooraka Football Clubs where he supported Junior Football for many years.

The Keith Thompson Medal is presented annually at the NEMJFA Medal Count and recognises the player who recorded the highest number of votes in any grade/s for the Association.


2007 Corey Stronach  Hectorville

2008 Vincent Rocca  Walkerville

2009 Dimitri Hassouros Broadview

2010 Brett Kennedy Pooraka

2011 Jack Graham Tea Tree Gully

2012 Jesse Stevenson Salisbury West

2013 Ajay Hem Ingle Farm

2014 Jamie Copperstone Angle Vale

2015 Sebastian Wauer Golden Grove

2016 Barialai Alizai & Isiah Dudley Salisbury North


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Registrations open 1st December

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