Umpire Awards History


Scott Rankmore perpetual Trophy for Senior Umpire of the Year

(Started in 2011 in memory of Scott Rankmore)


Graham Smith Award 

(Graham Smith was an Umpire and Secretary of the Assocaiton)

 2011 Senior Umpire of the Year - Payne Sowter

2011 Junior Umpire of the Year - Matt Gibson

2012 Senior Umpire of the Year - Alex Anderson

2012 Graham Smith Encouragement Award - Jayden Evans

2012 Best first Year Umpire - Connor Elphick

2012 Coaches Award - Luke Wittenburg

2013 Senior Umpire of the Year - Luke Wittenberg

2013 Coaches Encouragement Award - Dillon Cook

2013 Firsts Year Umpire Award - Trent Crebbin

2013 First Year Umpire Runner-Up - Joshua Johnson

2014 Senior Umpire of the Year - Hayden Fielke

2014 First Year Umpire Award - Tyrell Sinclair

2014 Coaches Encouragement Award - Jake Miller

2014 Most Improved Umpire - Josh Hardy

2014 Graham Smith Encouragement Award - Matthew Herrmann

2015 Coaches Encouragement Award - Jordan Berry

2015 First Year Umpire Award - Louis Hutchinson

2015 Graham Smith Encouragement Award - Josh Johnson

2015 Senior Umpire of the Year - Jack Miller

2016 Coaches Encouragement Award - Hayden Black

2016 Graham Smith Encouragement Award Connor Linhart

2016 Most Improved Umpire Bryce Gilbert

2016 Best First Year Umire Ben Hutchinson

2016 Senior Umpire of the Year Brad Bates



Registrations open 1st December

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