Umpires 6-8 Quick Summary

U6-8 Umpiring assistancemore

Umpire's Registration Form

See attached Copy of Umpire's Registration Form


Free kicks against officials

Free kicks against officials.
Queries are raised on a number of occasions about whether umpires are allowed to award free kicks against runners, officials and water persons during a game, if those people appear not to be carrying out their specified duties.more

Umpires Handbook 2016

see attached PDFmore

Trial Games Information

Request for Umpires for Trial Gamesmore

Umpire Paperwork

See instructions for lodging your paperwork and reportsmore

Laws of Australian Football 2014

see attached PDF Filemore

Umpire Code of Conduct

see attached PDFmore

Police Checks


Ball Sizes 2014

see attached documentmore

Umpires Fees 2014

Fee schedule see attached documentmore

Domestic Tribunal

see attached documentmore

Player Advocate Role

Recommendation for the following procedures to be followed by a players advocate.more

AFL Youth Training Manual/Chapter 13

role of the umpire so that negative attitudes towards umpires are reduced.
Through the junior club system, the education of spectators, players, ...more

Central Umpires Report Form

This form should be filled out by all Umpires for every game they officiate in and a copy given to both Teams. The original should be forwarded to the Association with the Umpires paperwork.more

Why it wasn't the Umpires Fault

Why is it that many coaches reinforce both spectators and parents’ belief that it was the “Umpires” fault they lost? Many coaches and players use umpires as an excuse for their own poor decision making, and abuse umpires even though they see things from a different angle and perspective.more
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Registrations open 1st December

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