Darts is being held at the Defence Club in Suva and commenced today Thursday 7th September and will continue on Friday and Saturday. Friday's events will be: Men's Doubles, Ladies & Men's Singles.


7TH September, 2017 XV Fiji Games Results

Ladies Doubles:

GOLD - Roxy Mandam & Atelini Kanaivalu (Suva II)

SILVER - Litia Heritage & Isabel Duthie (Suva III)

BRONZE - Ana Ruci & Isabel Whippy (Suva I)


Team Game

GOLD - Nilesh Chandra, Bobjones Ribauw, Brandon Waidabu, Nickeel Chandra (Suva I)

SILVER - Ronith Narayan, Dharmen Chandra, Nilesh Deo, Vishantran Sami (Suva II)

BRONZE - Romit Mahabir, Salendra Prakash, Yogesh Prasad, Lawrence Ram  (Lami I)


Mixed Doubles


GOLD - Salend Singh & Isabel Duthie (Suva III)

SILVER - Alan Veeran & Mereia Ram (Lami II)

BRONZE - Nilesh Deo & Atelini Kanaivalu (Suva II)


Photo: Young 10 year old Deborah Chandra focusing on her game as she proudly repesents the Lami II Team in the Teams event.


Entries to be submitted to Fiji Darts Association for the following events:

Team Game: Men's Singles, Doubles, Triples

Womens Singles & Doubles

Mixed Doubles

Highest Score

Highest Finish



Upcoming Games:


Youth Olympic Games – Buenos Aires, Argentina, 6th – 18th October, 2018

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