Policies, Rules & Regulations

AFL Queensland Junior Rules and Regulations 2017

AFL Mackay Constitution

Laws of Australian Football 2017

This publication contains the Laws of Australian Football as administered and
controlled by the AFL.
Rules can can accessed via the following link:

AFL Queensland Rules and Regulations 2017

AFL Juniors Laws of the Game

The Junior Football Match Guide aims to Provide clear direction to leagues and clubs for the provision of appropriate pathways for all boys and girls in safe and enjoyable environments. Ensure that junior football is delivered in a uniform manner (consistent rules & regulations) across all States and Territories. Maximise the recruitment and retention of players and umpires.

Match Change Request Form - M01

Match Change Request Form for AFL Mackay Fixtures - notice needed for submission.

Playing Down Exemption Form - M02

This form to be submitted for any player looking to play down in non-competitive or competitive Junior Football

Parental Consent Playing Up Form - M03

This form is to be submitted for any player wanting to play up a competition

Ground Marshall Incident Report Form - M04

AFLQ Competitions Reports & Tribunals

The Reports and Tribunals regulations form part of the AFL Queensland Community Competitions Rules and Regulations.

AFL & AFLQ Policies

For AFL and AFL Queensland Policies please visit > www.aflq.com.au/policies-rules-and-regulations/

AFLQ Player Registration, Transfer & Permit Forms

For Player Registration, Transfer and Permit forms please visit > www.aflq.com.au/policies-rules-and-regulations/

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