CHBA Alcohol Policy

Please find attached CHBA Alcohol Policymore

Disciplinary Tribunal By-Laws


Senior Competition Rules

Please find attached the rules for our senior domestic competitions.more

CHBA Zero Tolerance and Sports Rage Guidelines


Players Code of Conduct


Coaches Code of Conduct


Parent & Spectators Code of Conduct


CHBA Heat Policy

CHBA has adopted the attached Heat Policy.more

High Schools Competition Rules

The rules and regulations for the High School Competition, amended June 2018more

Saturday Primary Schools Competition Rules

These are the rules and regulations as amended in July 2018more

Junior Representative Regulations

Regulations for the Junior Rep Program for CHBA amended October 2014more

Simplified Codes of Behaviour

CHBA conducts its activities under the auspices of Basketball Australia and Basketball NSW and therefore accept their By-Laws and regulations where relevant.
As a preventative measure we would like to make the following document available to our members, so they are clear about our expectations of them.more

CHBA Bulletin - CHBA Regulations

Please see attached a bulletin that was put on the CHBA website news page on 28th February 2013more

CHBA Constitution


Senior Competition Rules

These are the Senior Competition Rules, amended September 2017more

Referees Code of Conduct


CHBA Child Protection Policy


Bench Duties


Bullying and Harassment Policy


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